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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by monkeyseemonkeydo, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Just found this PM in my inbox


    My name is miss Rita mbaye,i am single and 5.8ft.How are you,
    i hope your are find and in sound health.I went through your profile today
    and i took interest on it. I am interested in your profile, we seem to have a lot in common. Kindly contact me.

    I will tell you more about myself and picture"

    (email address supplied)

    As far as I am aware I dont even have any details in my profile! I definitely cant see any or dont remember submitting any. Why is it people always do this crap.
  2. I think this has been doing the rounds for a fair few lads, pretty much just spam I'm afraid!
  3. Ah, I had one of them too mate! is she two-timing me before we have even got together? :)

    I was in two minds wether to reply, thinking I may be un-witingly subscribing to a dating site or something.
    Perhaps its just as well I didn't!
    thought there seemed to be something dodgy with supplied email addy. just a strange address.

    I clicked on the senders profile to find her account has been suspended. then pm'ed Forces Sweetheart to see if she knew the reason, as she is a mod on the loney hearts forum.

    any other arrse'ers had this pm?
  4. I recon it was Supergal feeling lonely and wanting a new fella to punch.... er..... date! :twisted:

    Please dont hit me............... :oops:
  5. I'm not that desperate honey :roll:

    now about that left hook..........
  6. anyone actually contact her/him/it b4 they knew it was a spam?

    if so, what yuh get in reply then?
  7. feel gutted I havent had anything!!