What the world needs is a good old fashioned world war.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/markets/article4904357.ece

    Tomorrow ( Friday the 10th 2008) will always be known as the day capitalism stumbled and then fell.

    Whether this day will live in infamy or not will always be remembered for the same reason the US remembers Pearl Harbor.

    I predict on this dark Friday, the New York Stock Exchange will fall by a thousand points to close at less than 7000 points. Mark my words.

    How to get out of this quaqmire?

    Start a war full of popular western support. People will buy American propped bonds, giving us much needed capital and thus stopping this slide into oblivion.

    (Title slightly edited.)
  2. We haven't had a decent world war since the Germans became nice. :(
  3. that's funny mainland europe is scared of its own shadow, the UK is trying to dig out from what we are trying to subject ourselves to (if we vote BO in).

    Nope no wrld war on the horizon, just hope the Fed stops trying to stem the bleeding let it all go pear shaped and we'll be back to business in a year or two....funny how it was so dire we needed the trillion dollar bailout package and if we got it all would be saved, yet the market has gone further south since the fuckwads voted on giving away the taxpayers money... :D
  4. The fall of the Berlin Wall was the the symbolic end of the Soviet Union. The crash of the NYSE will be the the symbolic end of the supremacy of the US.

    Without a robust economy, the US will not be able to spend billions of dollars in Astan and Iraq thus ensuring the crash of the best military money can buy.

    Damn you Astan. In less than twenty years, you managed to bring down two of the most powerful superpowers in human history.
  5. No Shithouse, you step away from Fantasyland.
  6. I'm game. This time, we fight it on your continent and everyone else joins in late.

    Oh, can we sell you loads of raw materials in the meantime and then take your overseas possessions as payment? Hawaii would be nice, we've just mothballed a load of outdated naval vessels. Swapsies?
  7. Good Drills !

    Also we can loan them £60 Billion and they can spend the next 60 or so years paying it back plus interest. Of course they'd have to buy our military kit or we'll get a bit upset. Then when the war is all over we can fund the former enemies so that their economy becomes stronger and the USA off shore possessions (US Virgin Is. etc.) will declare independence. Who knows, we might even get the original 13 colonies back (Although I'm not sure I'd want them. Not now I know where they've been !). Besides, they can't make a decent cup of tea ! Tastes like Boston Harbour !

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Well, WW2 put an end to the Great Depression. No reason a world war won't put an end to the Wall Street mess. Just think of all the jobs a war creates. First you get paid to destroy stuff. The you get paid to rebuild the stuff you blew up.

    Not to mention all the great movies they make afterwards.
  9. Great movies maybe, but we would be hard pushed to get a dcecent soundtrack for it. What would we be stuck listening to watching films of a modern day war? James Blunt? Coldplay? Girls Aloud? Sod that.
    Ram that.
  10. Well...

    You know the world has gone mad when:

    * The best golfer is black
    * The best rapper is white
    * The Germans are refusing to go to war
    * and the French are accusing the USA of arrogance

  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Really? Didn't know that.

    Yeah, that's the cookie. My bold. If there's anyone left to rebuild it all you dribbling mongturd. Things have mobved on a little - something called nuclear weapons if I'm not mistaken, along with a host of other weapons of mass destruction.

    See above, and then go and get some help for your mental deficiencies. I believe a self-administered 9mm jacketed lead tablet should fix it in no time.

    As for the thread . . . .

    Indeed folks. Now is the time for the UK to become isolationist, impartial and have bunkers in every house with full-on national service like the Swiss.

    Hunker down for the next 10 years, wait til it all blows over, provide numbered accounts for them wot need it, and then, when everyone else is on their knees, step in, save the day and become a superpower again.
  12. I actually had funny moment about that during my service. I had bad headache and went to query my esteemed fellow officers if anyone had something for it. And one smartarse of course opened his desk drawer and pulled out 9 mm pistol bullet saying: "Take this, quick relief guaranteed !" :lol: :lol:
  13. Not really though. Most of the money spent after the war was spent on "war goods" for the cold war. As such it could be argued to be a false boom.

    Also the "depression" continued in places like Europe. Mainly because countries such as Britian had thrown EVERYTHING in to the pot to wage war and of course took a massive beating in the mean time (Coventry and London to name but two such instances).

    Obviously across the pond in America everything was hunky dory. After all businesses made a packet selling arms and munitions, and other materiale to UK.

    IIRC, Great Britian only finished paying the Americans for their "support" during WW2 a few years ago.

    But, your idea DOES have merit.

    I will write to South America immediatly and inform them at once that WW3 is kicking off soon. It is to be fought in Mexico and the state of Texas. I may add other countries in to the combat zone as neccesary. Europe will join in aprox D Day + 1000.

    As a bit of funny, I´ll inform Korea to stop fannying about and get amongst each other. The PRC will be informed to "man the fcuk up" and stop whinging about ROC and do something about it.

    During that time, however, we will sell and loan the USA muchos money, for muchos interest. Should nicely kick start the European markets at any rate.
  14. No no no no no no!

    What we want is a nice COLD WAR, like the one we used to have. Nobody gets killed. We all get rich. And we get to stay in Germany and drink good cheap beer

    (Except those who go bust trying to match the opposition's defence spending whilst their people can't afford TVs, fridges or meat to put in them but we could work something out this time, surely?)

  15. MY bold

    you have just outlined OneEye's post bailout plan FFS opsec mate :wink: