What the Russkies say

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zhopa, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Sergey, or anyone else posting from Sovland - is this accurate?

    Full text here: http://www.da.mod.uk/CSRC/documents/Russian/06%2816%29KG.pdf
  2. With a shame I have to admit, the report is absolutely correct. Indeed, RN is presented on Russian TV in extremely positive light. There were many reports about saved by Britons Russians from mini-submarine. There was a report (highly positive) about British Woman-captain of medium-sized ship. Btw, all screened officers were very handsome lads. Recently I saw a documantary about Arctic convoys and British contribution was specially mentioned, British veterans were interviewed. 200 years from Trafalgar were makred by a big documentary too.

    By contrast, image of British army on Russian TV is negative. Alas! I myself realised (long ago) that you are great boys. Of course all recent scandals were presented: tank attack on police station in Basra, beating of rioters and so on. The case with the receptionist was mentioned few times.

    In my defence I can say that I'm not a decision maker. I would like to bring my apologies if it is possible.

    Are there positive reports about British army on BBC-TV ? Do you remember a positive report about Russian army on British TV?
  3. They did a short series on "spetznaz" a year or two ago which presented Russian Special Forces in a positive light.
  4. Biscuits_Brown!

    By contrast I don't remember even one programme on Russian TV last 3 years that presented British army in the positive light.

    How frequently British TV reports positive news about own Army?
  5. I also remember seeing one on TV about conscripts in the Russian army with the "dedovshchina" bullying ect and almost total lack of discipline in the barrack block and this hardly shows the Russian army in a postive light either! maybe you'd like to comment on the appalling treatment that conscripts receive? surely the Army has a duty of care to ensure this no longer happens?
  6. If only some of the journalists who trawl this site would take note of the damaging effect that their reporting has not just on the British Army, but the nation's global image.

    It is sad to say that the British Army's professionalism and integrity have been brought into question, not just as a result of incidents in Iraq, but also because of problems closer to home. It will take an awful long time to regain that respect.
  7. I'm sorry to say that just suggests you haven't dealt with many journos... the bulk of the press ones would have no idea what you are talking about or why it's got anything to do with them, while for anyone BBC-trained, if you asked them to consider "the damaging effect that their reporting has not just on the British Army, but the nation's global image" you would just be confirming their instinct that you are a pitiful outmoded reactionary with a typical military right-wing 19th-century view of our place in the multicultural global village etc etc moan moan gibber.

    Remember, for them, good news is no news.

    Other than that, your basic point is right - as it says in the report,



    Journalists. Worse prostitutes even than IFAs. Not necessarily because they start out that way, but because it's the way the profession works.

    OK. Rant over.
  8. And another thing. Don't even get me started on the sanctimonious holier-than-thou BBC World f******* Service with their we're so superior because we're so objective. Heads so far up their institutionalised arrses that they wouldn't see good news about anyone in a British uniform if it killed them. Compare and contrast: the senior journo in the World Service who says after a guided walkabout that "the British Army are very good at portraying themselves as the good guys"; and the poor bemused naive W02 who says, after this and they've given him grief for giving up on watching BBC news cos it's so sodding hostile, "British Army? British Broadcasting Corporation? Whose side are they on?"

    Poor deluded fool.