What the REME badge is about

Discussion in 'REME' started by himmelblau, Jun 9, 2003.

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  1. The REME Badge

    This is the crown you serve under.

    This is the chain you are tied with.

    This is the horse you'll work like.

    This is the lightning you will go like.

    This is the bollock you drop if you don't
  2. RAMC stable belt Cherry red, Royal blue and Old gold,

    Red for the blood we do not spill,

    Blue for the seas we do not cross,

    Yellow for the reason why.

    Cap badge, proves medics are the only ones that can put a snake up the stick.

    Motto: In Arduis Fidelis,

    I'm alright Jack.
  3. Royal Artllery

    The crown you cannot wear
    The gun you caanot fire
    The wheel you cannot turn
    The grass you cannot cut
    and the cnut you cannot fcuk
  4. if u cant fire that gun why u artillery?
  5. Himmelblau,
    Thought the chain signified "REME do not drop bollocks, they lower them gently to the ground".
    :lol: :twisted:
  6. Royal Signals badge.

    Naked man doing very camp pose.

    nuff said.
  7. :lol:

    Is it true that the RLC Cap Badge design was designed with an anus as a background?
  8. Really Large Corps. :twisted: :D
  9. REME Badge :?: :?: First time I saw it I thought it was from a dodgy Danish porn film - Tre Hen Hingst I Kaede

    Then I took a closer look and realised that it was not in fact a 3 legged stallion in chains. :D
  10. Ahhhhhhhhhh..............You may see that but do you really know what it means??
  11. A fantastic cam net catching device.
  12. Dont know about the REME cap badge but thier stable belt is the best bottle opener around :lol:
  13. Tigger, - It does exactly what it says on the buckle,

    "Arte et Marte" = Twist to Open :wink:
  14. REME think of everything. On very happy Friday we counted 104 places on the outside of a 434 where you can open a bottle. We know it cant get you out the sh*t but it will help you get drunk when you are in it!!

    434 worlds most expensive bottle opener!
  15. you didn't look very hard... there's atleast 160 track links!!! :wink: