What the military thinks about Obama

Discussion in 'US' started by gator, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Here is a great representation of the interest the military has in Obama.

  2. Have they all been smoking something again ? - their eyes are all glazed over
  3. That's what happens when Barack the Magic Negro tries to hypnotize people with the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto. :roll:

    It's going to be a sad day for the leftist world when these Marines have to arrest and imprison Comrade Obama and the Democrat's. It's only been a month and Obama is the most incompetent and treasonous president in US history. Only Obama's gorilla wife is worse.
  4. I must admit if looks could kill obam would hsve dropped dead those guys look pissed off/board
  5. Strange. Most squaddies always look so excited when a politician turns up to talk to them.

    Oh no, that's right, they don't, they mostly looked bored out of their mind.

    Gator, you're a boring inbred fuckwit

    Is the one front right wearing a very bad ginger toupe?
  6. Ronnie do they have a care in the community programme in the States ?
  7. Sorry dear, I don't understand your banter. :?
  8. That's ok darling.
  9. You live on a friggin island and you call me "inbred"? :?

    If it wasn't for the Vikings coming to your little island several hundred years ago and raping all your women and the American GIs screwing all your women during WWII and Muslim immigrants nowadays you would all be having sex with your cousins, mothers and sisters, right?
  10. Wonder what they think of George W - getting them into this unnecessary mess to begin with? Sure they are very grateful.
  11. Unlike nowadays when all your lot in the boondocks, mountains, swamps and Blue Ridge mountains are still having it off with their cousins, mothers and sisters. Right?
    Fancy a few Viking workers to come over and sort your inbreds out?
  12. Here is how the troops greeted Bush in Iraq:


    Here is how the troops greeted The Messiah:


    Big difference, isn't it?
  13. Your grasp of history is excellent. Obviously the GI's screwing all the women was easy because all of the men were away - fighting a war - oh and capturing Enigma machines :wink:
  14. I heard that the English chicks really liked the Black GIs.
  15. I can live with GI's fucking my granny. Can you get over the fact that your dad is also your brother?