What the **** is our problem?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theblindking, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Right. In the British Isles we are positioned in Northern Europe. It's Winter.
    Shock Horror! It's snowing. Cries of "Extreme weather". Am I missing something? To me "extreme weather" is Hurricanes, Flash floods etc THIS IS NORMAL!

    How pathetic are we that the whole country grinds to a halt because a bit of frozen water has settled?

    I know it hasn't dumped properly for a while but whatever happened to contingency planning?

    Remember the stranded traffic on the m1 a few years back?

    Why do we seem incapable of dealing with this natural (and forcast) phenonenom? The rest of Europe must be pissing their pants at us.

    Anyone elses Sh1t getting gripped?
  2. I understand what your on about in my town we had 5mm of snow and two schools have closed. Except what gets me about the clousures it that all teachers and staff have to go in. 5mm and two schools have closed there is no need for that.
  3. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    While most pupils live within walking distance of schools, most teachers and other staff don't. I neither work in a school, nor have any children at school, but I met a looad of kids in the park this morning - they were making the best of the day, snowballs, snowmen etc, while I was on nordic skis (not enough snow cover on pavements, but OK on grass).
  4. I think its sue-paranoia, they are scared of students slipping and being injured and then getting a b0llocking by H&S people and insurance rises.
  5. in my experience, school heating systems can be very very very shite

    they usually blink-out at 0500 ....and consequently the little darlings arrive to arctic conditions.

    apart from that, agree entirely

    GB = LMF
  6. I think its stupid i mean my 6th form havent closed due to snow and most of out tutors havent been able to turn uptoday because they got snowed in.
  7. Ah that's just because snow is so rare that it gives the kids a day off to enjoy it (at least that's what my son's school said), shame my boss didn't agree with that logic and give me the day off!! :(
  8. At the tech college someone slipped and injured themselves bad enough to need an ambulance, rumour had it that this has scared the people who run our sixth form that tomorrow would be cancelled. Ridiculous.
  9. It's all the poofters in the South, and always has been.
    In the North or Jockland when snow falls they just get on with life, unless we are talking heavy.
    In the South they run about squealing. Often remember watching the News about how the South collapsed under heavy snowfalls, when it was only half of what I went to school in without complaint, and not just round the corner either.
    All the air-conditioning and heaters they have, where are all the real people?
  10. This is from Teachers, despite 10 weeks leave a year still have 'Teacher Training Days' on the first and last days of term. Bunch of tw@s if you ask me. We've known snow was coming 3 days ago now, and yet the morons on the councils can't get off their fat labour lazy arrses and organise gritters and contingency plans. Country's gone down the sh1tter!!
  11. It stoped snowing here an hour ago an its stared melting so much for the kids who are off being able to ejoy it :(
  12. I want to punch the next person who says "I had to brave the conditions."

    Try putting your Basha up in Minus 25 for the 6th night in a row you big Jessies!!!
  13. It's still snowing here - getting heavier to :D
  14. im from the midlands and its mixed here my town not much snow as ive said before 15 miles down the road people are complaing about being snowed in
  15. I think its mainly down to the skill of the standard driver in these conditions,

    Most drivers I travel behind constantly for no apparent reason it their brakes every couple of minutes and brake when going round corners ,this isn’t to bad in the dry just fooking annoying !
    but in the wet and the snow its very fooking dangerous people don’t know how to drive using there gears !

    also shite tyres dont help !