What the Iranian president will do for World Cup tickets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 8, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Was he asking if Iran should play the sweeper system?

    And GWB replied "I don't know that one, can you hum it for me"
  3. To avoid the Op Persian Freedom Thread getting bogged down in the assesment of Ahmedinjad's letter, I have sarted this thread.

    NYA - TY for the hint :wink:

    Yes the current and previous governmant have been good at centralising power and removing our rights, in general as direct response to the ineffectiveness of state systems to meet the needs an elm of our society. The Human Right Act has compounded this: e.g.

    Herceptin/NHS - The right of one to have this drug vs the needs of many in terms of the use of limited resources. (Won by the indvidual)

    Planning rights - Travellers rights vs host community - case in Essex. (Won by the collective)

    nimby's, etc etc. I am merely say that our success has come from Liberal rather than Libertarian values.

    I agree he has a real issue with the STATE of Israel and how it came into existance and highlights the plight of the Palestinians - he perhaps should reprimand the Arab World for their failures as well. This boils down to summantics....i.e. is he Anti-Zionist i.e. the STATE of ISRAEL or is he Anti-semetic i.e. seeks the destrcution of the 'people of the book'

    I agree that Islam resists change it was not that long ago that Christianity resisted change, time for a Ilsamic reniassance. But look at Bush through Islamic eyes, he prays, he makes a play about being christain, and the Qu'ran acknowledge the linkage between the two religions it would be perfectly logical to percieve that their religous values are aligned.
  4. Not a problem, lad.

    Or changing perceptions by society and the elected officials (who usually do seem to be quite a bit out of step from society in general) as to whats important and whats not.

    Thus, the right for gay people to marry is accepted, yet the right to be able to prepare one self for self defence is now not considered "just".

    Personally I see both as important and both should be allowed.

    The drug is used to fight breast cancer is it not? Surely if you believe in universal healthcare and the NHS then this drug should indeed be supplied in the same manner other drugs are?

    Had you mentioned sex changes or plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons I would have agreed that I couldn't see the benefit in the NHS paying for such services.

    I assume you mean the host community when you say "collective". Unfortuantly society, far to often demands that individuals or small groups of individuals comply to their standards and beliefs, again this is the unfortuanate concept of authoritarianism thats (inherent within the system ... ) common amongst the tories and socialists (what you seem to call 'Liberals')

    Liberals are Libertarians, merely not as economically right wing as US Libertarians.

    Socialists are not Liberals, socialism, as an ideology seems far to authoritarian.

    Again, do you think the State of Israel and it's inhabitants are going to allow the state and (they percieve, and I agree with that perception) a large number of themselves to be killed and the survivors either deported or living as 2nd class subjects within an oppressive and tyrannical islamic culture.

    The fact is Israel DOES exist and this is not going to change willingly by any peaceful means, if he is insistant that the state of Israel must be removed, then he is insisting on continued warfare and has no interest in any form of peace except on his terms that would it's destruction.

    As to whether he is anti-israel or anti-jewish I don't know, personally I suspect the latter.

  5. msr

    msr LE