What the hell is this!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RFUK, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. www.23.sas.sk.

    I was innocently browsing the internet earlier when I came across this site.
  2. Click "odkazy" for links to other sites... There's something eery about the entire thing.
  3. Airsoft: says it all! :roll:

  4. Check out the group calling themselves the 22nd SAS Regiment - A Squadron Mobility Troop... The Word MONGS springs to mind :lol:

  5. Pah! You're just jealous that you don't look so switched-on... :D

    Edited to add: I love the 'Spiderman' effect cam cream of the guy bottom middle! 8O
  6. Yeh, Bint,

    There are some classic thousand yard stares going on aMONG them...
  7. actually i think 3 of them are dribbling
  8. Thousand yard stairs pah even I can manage a more intensive look when I'm taking a crap.

    Ps i like the mix of M16s, ARs and AK74s shown even a walting OTC cnut like me can spot the bone elements.
  9. what's the obsession with fingerless gloves??
  10. At least one pof those mongs looks vaguely familiiar, pathetic spoof by someone
  11. I'm sure theres a link to this site in the ultra massive 'Search for a Walt Star' thread, but I'm lazy :D Why don't we get these guys patrolling the streets of Iraq. They would feel all warry, and our guys would be able to use them as bait for ambudshes and IED's
  12. Which one is Bennett?
  13. Not sure but I'm sure the photoshop boys can get busy :wink: Apart from the obviously naff kit admin, anone notice the bright blue phone 'shoot-me' target? :lol:
  14. Bennett, are you reading for a Certificate in Basket Weaving at Mrs. Mong's Academy for Mlaarrs or are you always pished when you post?
  15. You really havce to worry about he sanity of people who are willing immerse themselves in something SOOO deeply...........

    But I want to know, and this has the potential to keep me awake at night, what do they have in the pouches on their assault vests? I know what I have in mine, but what exactly do you carry when you are playing at being a soldier and are in NO mortal danger what-so-ever, well apart from being kicked to death by the local happy-slappers cos you're obviously weird..........