what the hell is the darkside?

Alternatively it is used to describe the pasty faced geeks who listen to foreign language conversations all day hoping to gain an insight into how to pick up members of the opposite sex 8)
Dunno why it's called the Darkside. it's quite light and airy inside really

Resistance is futile
not really thaty intresting then
the same Hero's who came up with the russian penpal threat :lol:
CombatBooBah said:
not really thaty intresting then
the same Hero's who came up with the russian penpal threat :lol:
Ha - the Cyprus geeks...
I'm now on the 'Dark Side' - wiff Hitler, Lord Lukin and that missing B52 and missing my G/F Bavmarda
edited...no names to be used :cry:

The 'Dark Side' is the opposite to the 'Light Side' on that war winning bit of kit that used to be called 'Jungle Tape' or 'Black & Nastie' but is now just known as 'The Force'!

The 'Dark Side' provides strength and support required to repair everything from Combat Clothing to Tanks. It also provides a shiny surface ideal for writing on in Chinagragh pencil, making it useful for labeling people, kit and vehicles.

The 'Light Side' provides the sticky surface that will stick to everything whether you want it to or not. It is so sticky that even when you want to remove 'The Force', you may get rid of the 'Dark Side' but there will always be some of the 'Light Side' left behind.

Why is it now called 'The Force'? Well I don't know if it was the possible PC implications of using names which include the words 'Jungle' or 'Black', despite their innocent application. I think it's because of Star Wars..... there 'The Force' is used to achieve great things. But the main thing to remember is that "The Force has a dark side and a light side, and it holds the Universe together!"
trickywoo56 said:
Voi nye ponimayetye, voi pizyetzi!

:?: :?: :?:
sod the dark side, get some slipstream......sad gits

Its the light side for me
This is what I found - and if you can make sense of it, you're welcome to it...!
The 'Dark Side' is being here in th MPC working with the RAF as a Squad :twisted:
To evict pickledjelly from the darkside house:

ring 09..................

future of Darkside house programme under threat following GWARist abuse allegation

Allegation retracted pickledjelly finds no offence, CR invited to come and visit on holiday by both Darkside and GWARland
nearly as exciting as that other GWAR
Day 24 in the Darkside house.

The housemates had a drinking contest the night before. Only two of the housemates are awake.

Pickledjelly is in the bathroom:

"Can't believe I've pissed the bed again man!"

CRmeansCeilingReached is in the kitchen:

"Where's the.... arrrgghhh! WHERE'S THE BASTARD PIES!!! I bet it's that bitch again! I ordered those pies fucking specially!!!"

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