What the HELL is that? Sewer beastie....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggers, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. It appears the bloody septics are at it again, letting things grow in their sewers.

    This turned up in a US sewer late last month in Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC, and no-one really knows what it is.

    There are apparantly 3 groups of thought:

    1) bryozoans
    2) A large clump of annelid worm, the Tubifex.
    3) Its an alien! Get the flamethrower!

    (Don't ask me what the hell that first one is, I dunno).

    Or its sentient shite.

    Personnally, I think we need to get some flamethrowers down there, and get burning the fuckers - we don't need any facehuggers, tah.


    Worried? You should be.
  2. Tah mate.
  3. Looks like the video from my colonoscopy.
  4. Looks like my piles!
  5. Its a giant Clitosaurus.
  6. Its a naked Dalek
  7. It looks like a colony of runaway rectal prolapses to me. Here's one that didn't get away:

  8. cernunnos - now that would be a hell of a ring dhobi!
  9. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Those socks are really dodgy.
  10. I thought it was a viral video but it looks like it can be explained.

    From Wiki

    And video in the wild

    Who knows......
  11. Wondered how long it would take for Jade Gooy's internal examination to appear. That first bit looks like a clit rotting away
  12. It looks like that manky sack thing from species. Maybe if they leave it long enough it'll produce Natasha Henstridge, who'll run around the place naked & looking hot!
  13. Except when she turns alien like and rips most of you in half.