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What the hell is lawstudent on?

With the arrival of this poster asking inane bone questions, i would like to ask a question of my own.

What the hell is he/she/it on. Is it BB in an alter ego trip.

Read some of its posts in the body art thread. I am a little perplexed as to its intentions!!!



Lawstudent is Yannie.

Their spelling and grammar are exactly the same.
They speak/write in exactly the same style.
They both write utterly pointless and stupid threads.

No mistaking it, it’s Yannie.

I think it’s funny, she get points for effort.
She is clearly gagging for squaddy-luvvin. I'm betting she lives in her (foster) parents garage, as she's too fat to get through the front door.
Lairdx said:
As previously discussed flashy. I love everybody. Especially you. xxxxxx
The Lord Flasheart said:
Poke it, fruitbat.
:lol: I'd just like to say, although I'm not allowed to view this website in work, the fact I just gobbed my cup of tea over the keyboard has brought suspicion upon me! Thanks for giving me a laugh!
eye_spy said:
Are they the surviving members of the Cambodian Midget Fighting League?
the ones that got away from the tiger that their boss thought they could beat in a fight? :D

obviously a lot of blood was shed, not a drop of it being feline though :twisted:

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