What the hell is going on with this bloody country

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pox_Dr, May 26, 2007.

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  1. What the hell is going on with this bloody country, hero’s banned from entering the country, serving personnel declined treatment on the NHS & now some poor lad has his minimal compensation cut by some pen pusher just because he can cook for himself.

    In the mean time Blair continues his rock star like tour of the world. A fraction of the cost of which would sort all of the above

    I’m genuinely lost for words

  2. Apologies for another post of the same but hope this might generate some comment;

    I watched with intrigue the other night a programme featuring the USA Veteran Association and wondered what we had as a parallel, the answer I come up with was the RBL. Is it not time that the RBL styled itself in the US VA and started to gain some political clout.

    If the Army has a 20k turnover of personnel in 10 years thats 200k ex army if this is standard there must be 1-2 million ex and serving armed forces out there. This must translate into a sizable political force to lobby the government with regards to Forces Welfare issues.

    I feel these issues now need to have political willpower behind them to prevent ANY government from treating ex and serving members of HMF like sh*t.
  3. I'm in Florida at the moment, it's currently the Memorial Day weekend. It's humbling to see the awe and reverence that these people treat their Nation's servicemen.
  4. this country doesnt want , veterans , the injured , or widows ,
    there just a burden to the chancellor.

    too quick too pay out bimbo coppers if there feeling a bit stressed at work

    ive given up on this sh-thole fantasy island for scroungers
  5. And people who moan about everything
  6. I know a single mother signing on, housing benefits the works; has been doing it for 12 years, since she left school. No reason why she can't go out and do a job - child is in secondary school. Her own words "I'm justified in taking from the state as my father and grandfather paid their taxes". Now theres a set of values for you.
  7. Its not just her though, its the kids. We learn from our parents (although obviously she didn't learn much from hers) and when her kids grow up, will they think the state owes them a living?
    I went to Uni with someone who's parents told her she was wasting her time because they didn't work and they were doing all right with no qualifications etc. She was the lucky one, her brother and sister have still never really worked (at 30 years old). They no longer talk to her because they think she is a stuck up bitch!
  8. Every now and again i remind myself that within five Yrs i should have enough money saved to sell up and move to Cyprus.
  9. its what you get after 10 years of a socialist government. Nobody is responsible for their own actions or welfare, there is a government quango to tell you what to do when to do it and how its not your fault really, there are only victims that left wing loonys want to rap up in cotton wool and send on nice holidays because they know best becasue theyve got their degree in some bullshit social engineering subject that didnt even exist 5 years ago. We cant fly our national flag because it might upset someone, we cant give a burlar a crack because it infriges his human rights we cant ask chav mothers to work becasue its their right to be housed, fed and looked after by other tax payers and they know it. We have half a country that does not feel it is responsible for its own actions and the other half paying for it.
    This is new Labour and after 10 years their policies are now starting to be seen and felt at street level by us all.

    off for a lie down.
  10. Im not racist, but stop wasting £1bn a year on immigrants, invest in national service.... 2 birds one stone?
  11. Problem with the country is there are no politicians with the gonads to say 'enough is enough' we need to slow immigration down use the scroungers on benefits, that are fit and healthy, and send them to work with local goverment or they dont get there benefit.
    Heard on a bus at home by a school girl to her friend 'carnt wait to leave school and get pregnant so I can claim benefits' do's this sum up what is happening? :evil:
  12. Dont understand what you mean jimbo ,can you elaborate please ,
  13. The people who cause racism are usually white middle class do gooders who think they know whats best for people from ethnic minorities, there the sort of people who work for the council and say we cant fly our flag and must call a blackboard a chalkboard or we cant have a golliwog on a jar off jam, ffs have you honestly ever met an immigrant to the UK who was actually offended by by any of the above, there not arsed, they just want to get on with their new lifes in our country and hopefully make a better lifes for themselves here. The do gooders then come out with some hairbrained bollocks and the indiginouse population then resent the new comers because they feel their lives have to change to adapt their lifestyles, when actually nobodys that arsed.

    misguided White middle class socialist council do gooders, with their bullshit degrees, their the real cause of racism.

    off for a valium.
  14. Youve asked for it now Sven will be here soon, im off quick. :wink:
  15. Sooner or later a government will come into power that will deal with these issues. Let's see how the smirky slackers deal with having to work for the food that comes into their mouth. oh, how I am looking forward to that.