what the hell goes on at brize?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by theparamancan, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. Am off to brize in March (13th-28th) for basic parachute course.

    What the hell do you do for two weeks if there's only 7 jumps?
  2. Two week Basic Para Course? Must be TA then.

    One week of ground training.
    One week of Parachuting. Weather permitting, so don't get too hacked off if you only get a couple of jumps in and have to go back later to qualify.

    Its not Sport Parachuting, thats why the time spent ground training is extended, so if you suffer bi-lateral open femoral fractures on your first night drop having forgotton to lower your bergan before landing it doesnt come as a complete surprise.

    No Parachuting....

    More time in the bar.
  3. yeah, am from 4 para.

  4. I did the course at Bad Lippspringe in 1990, its horrible.

    Flash if you see that stunt growthed cockney instructor, please pass on my thanks for the face full of phlegm during the unstable exits part of the course....twat!

    Seven jumps does seem to few, vaguely remember doing two a day with only an afternoon off for bad weather in two weeks.

    It also says 'Free Fall parachutist' on your pampas print out, which although looks cool makes you feel a bit fake
  5. Better ignore the above then, thought it was the sport parachuting cse.... think thats at Bicester isn't it?
  6. MDN let me know what course number you was on and I can obtain your original jump card for you...if you want it :)

    I know one course that lasted 3 months weather, no plane,......lost the navigator :oops:
  7. It was summer 1990 thats all I can recall, I have a copy of the jump card, a few GATWs and acouple of right abortions starting with the first jump where I was threatened with being RTU'd.... instead of a big stable arch this muppet curled up in a ball, managed to do a forward role through his own risers and land in the very same fetal position, not even looking up to check the shoot had opened and ignoring the screams on the one way radio to kick out of about thirty twists in the risers

    I came down on the range at the back of the club much to the amusement of the rest of the course.

    I was dragged in front of the course OC who was also AAC, he told me I was a prick and that I needed to switch on or he would ensure I never got my impending first promotion......... did me the world of good, and although I never enjoyed it did OK and did all the free fall stuff.
  8. If ignored do you go away?
  9. Guys please don't drag another thread off topic, its what she wants enabling her to make a dramatic and very dll speech about site abuse etc...

    I don't think she will go away if ignored, besides its much more fun to abuse her in the NAAFI bar

    Request te mods remove all irellavant osts and return the thread to topic... and I will consider donating £500 to the site if BB is f**ed off once and for all
  10. To return to topic of jumping out of perfectly good airplane,
    Did one jump only ever for charity several years ago,
    Still just about able to hold down lunch when recalling whole experience,
    Instructor, to whom i was straped,
    Had to dislocate my finger to free us from the plane!
    I'm still traumatised by experience and the b*gger still sends me offer letters to do it again.....NEVER!!!!!!

    Get drunk theparamancan, get really drunk!
  11. no probs MDN, took it you did the basic military parachute course there the only jump cards i can get hold of
    Fu*k doing it for fun :lol:
  12. I thought it would be fun, but soon discovered it was puffy (thats my excuse for not liking it)

    Thrills were then sought in the Bobsleigh team, after all Bob gods are far more handsome and brave :D

    Thanks for the thought though, but thats a chapter I would sooner forget 8O
  13. You big jessie....... :lol: don't know what all the fuss is about, battalion or brigade jump, 15 hercs in line, sim 45's, 800ft, at night, fully kitted..........now thats fun :D
  14. You went bobbing mdn, because you liked the idea of four blokes wearing lycra, crammed one behind the other in an enclosed space.

    Now that is puffy.
  15. Fun if you like the smell of vomit sweat and the sound of a jumped up loadie being an arse :D

    Flash you are merely jealous that you look like Thora Hurd in lycra