What the hell are these?

I imagine them to be some sort of noted currency enabling the purchaser to trade said monies for goods from the vendor.

We have something similar here called the pound, soon to vanish if Uncle Tony gets his way.

I think in the states they call it the dollar, the green folding stuff that allows you to buy stuff to make your arse big :D
dui-lai said:
Pre-WW1 Marks! Must be worth something matey! 8)
Hmmm...I'm with you dui...but remember these things were produced in their trillions...the continually rising inflation upset a few chaps in Munich...some bloke with a silly tash appeared (no, not Aladdin's genie) and I forget what happened next... :D
I think that hyper-inflation only occurred between the World Wars, during the Wymar Republic.
The bottom one is defiantly from inter-war inflation time i think ive got one my granddad gave me which was similar design but 100000 DM!!! The 1910 date doesn't represent pre-ww1, probably standard type setting because I don't think the Germans changed currency until they brought in the Reich Mark in Hitler's time. Correct me it I’m wrong.
They may be worth something for historical value alone.

Do a net search for specialist auctioneers who deal only in money, they should be able to give you a value.

I am sure there will be a collector out there somewhere.

The Teacher
Do not eat them or inhale them - they are that old they are bound to be full of that funny white powder.

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