What the fumk is wrong with this country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AirborneApe, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. AAAAAgggghhhhhh!!!! my blood is boiling.

    1. What has happened to our country? We are lead by idiots who aim to maintain their grip on power with no regard for the feelings or wellbeing of any memeber of any community in this glorious country. Blair is an idiot who is as corrupt as any other politician in times gone past. He is in charge of a bunch of egocentric fools who are trying to appease everyone - without pleasing any. The only victims in this are the middle classes who pay too much tax for no return to sponsor the lazy, idle indiginous scum and those who come to this country for free health care, social security payouts and accommodation. Below is a list of what really grips my stool:

    a. Political Correctness: We are living in a police state in which noone is allowed to express views which do not confirm to the New-Labour ideal. Praise be to Frank Ellis, the ex-Blade, who expressed views about differences in educational abilities of different races and gender. What a breath of fresh air but he is being hounded for this. The Met Police recently rejected the applications of 1000s of white applicants merely because they were white (absolutely racist in my opinion).

    b. Tax: What is Inheritance Tax for? For which public services are we paying this tax for? My parents saved for 50 years, bought ahouse in 1965 for £20K and when they died it was worth £500K. We are lower middle class and in no way associated with the "super-rich" class for which this tax was originated. My siblings and I had to pay 40% to the Government for the pleasure of the death of my parents. They had paid tax on thier earnings, on the house when they bought it, on the interest of the savings and we still had to pay 40% into the coffers of thias corrupt Government!!! Talk about a triple whammy. Petrol prices are the highest in Europe, frozen by the kind fat Jock that is our chancellor( ooh thanks, we love you now). Everything we do is taxed to the hilt to pay for the failings of the Government.

    c. Englishness: Scots can be Scots, Welsh can be Welsh, Irish can be Irish but the good old Englishman is not allowed to be English for fear of raising tension with other ethnic, non-indiginous groups on this overcrowded island. The request by a local, muslim dominated council in the North to introduce Sharia Law into its community indictaes exactly that these groups do not want to integrate at all into society. This leads onto immigration. At the moment, it seems as though anyone can come here, claiming asylum, and get a free house, health care etc. I am in no way racist BUT I don't believe that this small island can sustain many more people than it currenly has. The tedious system in this country enables immigrants to lose themselves into society where they are never found.

    d. Special Relationship with the USA: Yes, they helped us in 2 World Wars, they were valid Allies in the Cold War and there is a bond between us at grass roots level .... BUT... Bush is as bad as Stalin and Hitler, Milosevic or Gengis Kahn. We are pulled along on their coat tails in this was on terror (which I do agree needs to be sorted out). The American Way is to bomb anyone who does not agree with them. What is the difference between a terrorist bomb and the bombing of Belgrade or Baghdad, killing thosands of civilians. Was the war in Iraq legal - I am not commenting on it - but our reputation is being slowly degraded by allying ourselves with an Army of brainwashed, trigger happy idiots who act as if they are in the movies (such as Jarhead). Currently, they are being criticised for their rules of engagements in Iraq (ie shoot everyone). I would not be surprised if there were things happening behind the scenes which we do not know about such as economic or political threats to UK if we do not assist them. I actually love Americans, finding them very friendly at heart but, and this is a big but, their dominating Foreign Policy stinks and many US soldiers are dying for not much gain.

    e. Fundamentalism: By this I mean on both sides of the spectrum. Fundamental Christains in Middle USA are just as bad as fundamentalist Muslims, which lead young impressionable individuals to commit horrendous acts against the other side. The scenes in American Churches, with the massed crowd being whipped into a frenzy are no different to those in the Middle East. Religion is Social Control and I am sure that the 'books' of all religions, which are derived from the same God, have been corrupted through the ages for the good of those who control the masses. The national religion of the UK is Christianity and it galls me to see Muslim clerics such as Abu Hamza can openly preach hatred on the streets in complete freedom turning normal, young Asians into potential suicide bombers. Multi-Culturalism DOES NOT work and we need to integrate all into our society, whilst at the same time allowing freedom of expression and religion. No preaching against the State, no teaching our kids Urdu, Gujurati or Pashtu in UK state schools. Again I am NOT racist but want to see the country unite and move forward.

    f. Speed Cameras: Small pet hate but the majority of these are in place purely to raise revenue for local councils and not for road safety. There is a town in Northern UK with a camera every 300m along its main, coastal road????? And this town prosecutes for ANY offence over 30MPH!!!!!

    2. May I finish this rant by qualifying my opinions. I have been in the Army for 25years and have been deployed to all major conflicts in that time. I have noticed a massive change in the way this country is run, particularly during the last 10-15 years. Whilst on Granby (1st Gulf War to the civvies), Muslims in Bradford were burning the Union Flag, Whilst in Kosovo, Young Albanians were on the rampage in Dover, attacking young Brits with Stanley Knives. Whilst on Telic (Iraq), Abu Hamza does his bit and the press continuously slags the boys off. I have recently been sent a letter from the Tax office, saying that I have to pay back £2K in Tax credits which were overcalculated because I now earn more than a particular amount (where will that go to I wonder?). A friend who was badly wounded in Iraq was put in the queue behind an African family with minor ailments at the local hospital because they are 'poor'. Kember (or his organisation) is ungrateful that the boys went and got him. Are they so naive to think that the local Iraqis, who have been bombed, beaten and killed by the Allies (US in particular) can be appeased by a bunch of weak Christians?

    3. That's it!!! Just let me know know what you all think. I am sure that I will get many replies for and against but I don't know anyone who disagrees with most of this.

    DEMOCRACY: Government for, of and with the people. I don't think so. Nobody asked if I agreed to raise taxes.

  2. You forgot to mention over-priced and crappy restaurants. ;)
  3. I have to admit I couldn't be arrsed to read your entire post but I do have a couple of points.

    You may not have voted for Blair, but enough people did. He has been elected three times. It's democracy, live with it.

    Petrol duty, we may have the highest (ish) in europe but so what? If they didn't get it from petrol they'd get it elsewhere; france has 74% income tax. We're capped at 40%. Overall people in this country pay about the same in tax as comparable european countries.

    Speed cameras - "safety cameras" the proceeds from these at present can ONLY go into more speed cameras. At the end of the day the speed limit is the law and if you get caught breaking fcuking live with it

    Inheritance tax - you think anyone would abolish this? There are ways around it as well, to do with the way you write your will I believe

    PC - You'll find it was Major who started off the whole PC thing, it's gone too far but often the media and people like yourselves put words into the mouths of politicians, they don't say half of what you think they say

    My final point, why the sudden post? Post no.1 and you're flaming the country you claim to have fought for, but remember they paid you for it. In life you can't just expect to keep taking, pay less and less tax but expect better public services etc.

    If you have real problems I suggest you take it up with your MP, and if you feel really strongly why not campaign pubilicly against Blair and use democracy how it was meant to be, rather than flaming on an internet board.
  4. Alright, I've managed to get all the way through.

    What is your problem with the bombing of Belgrade???? Almost everyone is agreed that this was for the greater good. There was genocide going on in Kosovo (Christians killing muslims) and the USA and NATO stepped in and forced serbia to fall back.

    Religion. Religion can be used as an excuse for god knows what. You're right, there are neo-cons as bad as islam extremists. Same for animal rights activists, same for anti-abortionists, same for environmentalists. There will always be someone with a polarised opinion. Generally in this country none of them are totally accepted, although we recognise their right to express their views as long as they do so by non-violent means.

    Kember - He does not represent this country

    Finally - Democracy and politics - Labour raised taxes. I bet you the tories would have raised taxes. Lib dems were gunning for 50% income tax. 36% of people in this country voted for Blair. (compared to 23% in russia for putin) You are out purely for your own personal gain with your opinion, whether that's right or wrong. There is a process in this country, use it
  5. You need to get your news from somewhere other than the daily mail, chap.
  6. crabby,

    there was no flaming here mate - only from your end. I am only expressing the views of the majority of those I speak to. If you don't like it, fcuking live with it. btw, I couldn't be arrsed to read the rest of your post either.
  7. Hey, some of us who rant read the Torygraph! :D

    It only takes a cursory glance through Current Affairs to see that a lot of ARRSErs agree with AirborneApe's sentiments, myself included. I'm returning to the UK after a 2 year absence in 2 weeks time and other than for personal reasons, I have very little desire to go back. I'm certainly not looking forward to paying 40% tax again. :evil:
  8. Stiff upper lip, be british and sit on it.

    When enough people get pissed off with the government their will be a sea change of opinion and hte present government will be replaced. For all your hatred of teh Media, they arent giving the present government an easy ride either, at last the conservatives have a dynamic leader that might actually rouse support (for the first time in my politically aware memory.) Cameron might be a carbon copy of the earlier Blair, but at least he still needs to pander to the public for support.

    The Daily Mail, "report" what is going on - Your post might be better suited in their letters to the editor, if you are this concerned contact an MP or a pressure group.

  9. Wow, great post... let me go through each paragraph as i see it

    a. Completely agree about this PC crap thats forced down our throats. I believe in equality for all men/women, but why oh why do they insist on us having to meet quotas and numbers of ethnic representation, racism where it exists is completely wrong but it just seems that we are creating more resentment across the board.

    b. Not to much to say on Tax except that Labour is a tax by the back door party, i would rather see an honest increase in income tax rather than this taxation in everything but.

    c. Totally agree about the being English but not being allowed to be proud of being English. Also look at parliment, Scots and Welsh can vote on English issues but not vice versa. Which bunch of prats could have agreed to this. I say get rid of this piecemeal nationalism and join the country back up as one again, try and be British instead of Irish, Welsh, Scottish etc. How do we also allow councils to have the George cross removed for fear of upsetting local ethnic sensitivities, isnt this the multi culturalism thats forced upon us...or is it one sided.

    d. Yes we have this special relationship with the USA, but it really is there to suit USA first. When you look at technology transfer with the JSF, its fine for us to pay into the project but we arent allowed to know how the damn thing works. I would submit we are not partners in the project but more we are cash mules. That said i would much rather have a special relationship with the USA than any kind of Euro relationship dominated by the French, if you want to see the future then just look at Chirac walking out of a conference because one of his own gave a speech in English. I can just see this mess of having 3 or 4 official languages, oh and dont tell me Eurocorps has an offical language of English, just ask any poor German whos been based in Strasborg, he/she will tell you what language is spoken. Anyway enough about Europe...

    e. Fundamentalism has always existed throughout time, i think all we can do about it, is to choose the lessers of evils, i know which way i would prefer though i wish none of it existed. Of course our Govt gives rise to Fundamentalism by bending over backwards to appease these people, i feel sorry for the police, having got these idiots caught and banged up to rights, we have the Law Lords letting them go again, based on some human rights precedent. Dont i, my family, my countrymen have the right to protection. In the end i see a clash of civilisations, maybe not in my lifetime but for sure its coming.

    f. Speed cameras are just cash converters for local councils, nothing more. So they are put in accident blackspots apparently, i think anyone knows they are actually put not only in accident blackspots but also in places likely to make the most money. What ever happened to patrol cars in laybys, the amount of times i see children not strapped in seatbelts and crawling all over the car, the times i see people texting looking down at their laps, all the other idiots on the roads that cameras cant catch.

    Thats about if for me, i truely believe a lot of blame exists with the current govt but i also believe alot of the blame exists with ourselves, we have become so insular as a country that we dont meet up to debate and protest at what is blatent injustice, we dont protest at flags not being allowed to fly, we dont protest when another police station closes, we dont protest when a mugger walks free because he/she has been disadvantaged as a child. On the other hand our multicultural cousins will protest at anything, youve seen the protests on TV, agree with them or not you have to admit at least they care enough to do something about it. I fear for the country my children are going to inherit, will they have any identity left by the time we have sat down and let it erode away as each human right is passed and each funtamentalist walks free yet again.

    Oh and finally, whats with this erosion of our Armed Forces ? Does anyone actually believe its anything more than cost cutting ? Everytime i see Reid on TV smiling and acting all concerned it just makes my stomach turn.

    Right thats definately enough for me
  10. Pillager, at the moment I am yet to be convinced on Cameron. He is making the "right noises", but he has no substance. The things he says he stands for are obvious, if he said he stood for the opposite he wouldn't get a single vote.

    However, that is slightly off the point.

    Part of my problem with the original post is that he seems be be unwilling to accept responsibility. We all live in this country and if it's going downhill it's our fault as much as that of the hoody wearing teenager or whatever the problem of the day is. We have the ability to change things if only we want to. Part of the problem is that we are always asking the government to act "act on climate change" "act on a&e waiting times" etc. Take responsibility for your own actions. Instead of waiting for instructions in a top down approach people should act knowing the consequence of their actions. In my opinion those that leave our country because "they don't like the way it's turned out" are as bad as the people that made them leave. They're just taking the easy option and leaving the problem instead of standing up and dealing with it.

    Everyone wants their slice of the pie and they want it to be as big as possible. Something for nothing. Or at least too much or not enough. It's just my opinion and I'm glad that myself and airborne ape are able to express our opinions openly without our views being opressed
  11. My comment on Cameron was that he is just another Blair - playing to the middle goround and finally putting up a credible alternative to the ruling power, exactly what Bliar was elected over, ironically enough in the present situation he could even be elected from an "anti sleaze" campaign.

    But yes responsibility needs to be taken at grass roots - I concur.
  12. I agree with some of your points AirbourneApe, nontheless, ranting on a internet board will get you know where.
    Fully agree with Crabtastic, if you feel that passionately about your views use Democracry to your advantage. Talk to your local MP. Raise the issues with him/her.
    If not and your still unhappy leave the country, emigrate to somewhere warm. Deal with it.
  13. Crabby wrote
    Pillager wrote
    With current local and national policy we will soon see the majority of those who care to work employed directly or inderictly in the public sector. To keep the army of quasi-officials in work will mean they all vote labour. The present Government is buying voters - we don't live in a democracy.
  14. Crabby, luckily your opinion counts just as much as mine. And that of course is for nothing.

    For the record I strongly agree with most of the original post. For what it's worth I think that the majority of people I know feel roughly the same, that includes a lot of civilians and non-military related types. I for one will not be voting to re-elect Labour. I am basing my decision on nothing more than giving someone else a go to see how they get on, I like the look of this tory bloke, and he is younger than me.

    I think you have taken things a tad too literally. Nobody can blame THIS government for all the things that are wrong with our society, BUT they can blame THIS government for not doing anything (or too little) about it. Again, that is why I think it is time to give someone else a shot.
  15. I am not ranting. I am expressing the viewpoint of probably everyone I speak to across the political and ethnic divide. I just want to find out the opinions of the members of this site in these matters. Thankyou.