What the fucks just happened?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Abdiel, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. I just came off a day ago and come back to find Spammers, Extremists and Trolls galore I think we need a Moderator QRF ASAP
  2. Michael Fagan shagged her up the dirt box
  3. Simply put, for the last hour or so we have been flooded by a bunch of retarded posts created by utter mongs who's anti-British activities don't seem to stem any further then spamming internet forums. Apparently this is the future generation of hardcore republicans.
  4. Naw, they are a bunch of Rangers fans who think that this constitutes a wind-up. Sad really, I mean, MDN could do a better wind-up on his own! Still, it's their bed-time soon.
  5. Ahh I see well it is much easier to be an IRA Terrorist over the internet so I suppose we should not be surprised
  6. Nothing as bad as your mother. Remind her that it's a vagina, not a motorway.

    EDIT: Oh well, his account got deleted.
  7. Yeah, only to be expected really, once their 'leaders' had taken the Queens shilling having been beaten and accepted 'Ministerial Roles' Guys, it's not OUR fault you are dumber than McGuiness and Adams and missed the gravy train.
  8. Michael Fagan we salute you !!

  9. A bunch of malnourished ginger twats decided this was their forum of choice.
  10. On account of them all being in the Liam Adams fanclub and being wannabe card carrying dissidents, why would they actually be Rangers supporters?
  11. Aye made entertaining viewing I suppose the reason the MODs are getting back in control means that their stepfathers must have arrived home to beat the shit out of them for not sharing their heroin.
  12. I think we should remember this as the Night Of The Should Be Dead!
  13. IF they have organised it from a forum with a link then the mods should be able to find out where they have been directed from.
  14. google follow follow