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What the fuck is it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Fatima needs to lay off the 'roids

  2. Bloody Hell! Looks like Cpl. Klinger has been working out!

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  3. He /she/it
    is starting to look like a beefed up version of Gloria in it aint arf hot mum.

    and No I wouldn't do's just a bridge to far for my delicate taste.
  4. Crikey! That's one "female" I won't be watching in the outdoor shower this year - bring back Mylene Klass!
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ok this might be a bit bitter because he's like 100% better looking than me, but is Vernon Kay related to Fatima, perhaps brothers by a different mother??

  6. You wouldn't have a choice. If she wanted you, guess what, you're doing the deed and just hoping you don't get crushed by those thighs.
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  7. No, you're getting confused:

    Fatima HAS a cunt (allegedly).

    Vernon IS a cunt (fact).
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  8. (Old joke warning)...

    I hear she was stopped at the airport for having 6lbs of crack in her knickers.
  9. I think Klinger is more feminine
  10. This is more like her/him ...

  11. What it is is fucking downright scarey,that what it is.No more please!
  12. It's Starsky

  13. Fatima visited the doctor, concerned about thick dark hairs on her chest and stomach...

    "Don't worry Stavros" said the Doc, "Most women have hair on their chest, it's quite common"

    "Yes, but mine go all the way to my balls"
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  14. 1fm_gd3.jpg

    I thought it was this bloke at first!!!!
  15. Stop being so picky? 15 pints of Boddington's and I would happily do her up the old pineapple fritter?