? what the fornication!?

I think that original story may have run in The Sun, and been subsequently withdrawn

Any Sun lurkers care to comment?

Rebecca? :D
It's quite well done - the links on the left go to the correct URL's at the Sun site.
to know if it's gen up, you'd have to see the photos for yourself and since they're probably sub-judice pending the police investigation that may never happen.
Silly bugger for taking them to a Civvie lab though - we do have Brigade CPC's for genuine classified material - he should have burnt the negs if he'd thought there might be incriminating evidence on the films.
Labs are legally obliged to inform the authorities if they find images that they think may have been taken in 'questionable' circumstances - mostly to safeguard against paedophile porn - though some unlucky parents have been hauled in over pictures of their kiddies at bath-time or in the paddling pool.
If it does turn out to be true, then shoot the fools - we are the good guys after all...
Spoken to 'someone in the know' and he's been under investigation by SIB for a while now. His defence is that although it's his camera, it was loaned around the platoon and he didn't know what was on the film when he took it to be processed - a point in his favour being that he did take it to a civvie processing lab. He's either innocent (says his brief) or incredibly stupid.
The onus is on the prosecution to prove that he actually took the photos, or had knowledge of what was on the film. Very difficult.
The point I was trying to get across is the fact that no matter when you view it it always has the correct date and the URL is obviously not the suns!

Thats what makes it WIERD!
I have contacted the sun about it,
not really about the content but about the way it constantly apears as a 'new today'story.

Fine, bite the bullet if it's true on the day but you shouln't have to have it reported new every day!
how do you work that out?
the link still works and the site homepage is still running!
Clear your caches WST :wink:

Petwoodspa, when are we going to see a spate of "The Army done good" stories?

You fellas took out a full page in Soldier saying how much you supported our boys during the Gulf Drive-by , but precious little evidence of it since :(
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