What the fnck is all the fuss about...?

Cuddles said:
I adored the irony of the Telegraph's holier than thou front-page splurge on the Evil Mirror's harrassment of Miss Middleton, accompanied by ginormous picture of her "enjoying herself at the Cheltenham festival"! The horsey one obviously not the crappy arts one...
In momentary defence of the Torygraph, I'm not aware of their ever making much/any use of papparazzi photos, quite unlike the Mirror. The Cheltenham ones may well have been agency pics, because much the same stuff was carried by several papers. And KM would expect to be snapped at the races.

Walking down the street is another matter, and that's what the papers had promised they wouldn't buy and print. The Mirror broke its word, and has already apologised. Now, presumably, KM wants a PCC judgement and perhaps a charity donation from the Mirror. And quite right, too.

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