What the feck were subaru thinking?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by allyjs, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. The new impreza is bloody awful

    Such a downfall from the previous. Why have they gone hatchback? What was the designer smoking?

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  2. What Korean car does it share the body panels with?
  3. looks like a BMW 1 Series.

    less of a w'anchor motor than the previous model tho
  4. Looks like a Rover 200
  5. Are hatchbacks better for rallying? Subaru would want to stay competitive.
    I prefer the earlier one myself.
  6. Allyjs. If the bottom pic is of your car then hold on to it. It looks anice motor. I agree the designer of the new one needs to take more water with it.
    Some unusual designs are being produced by Japanese car makers. Examples, the new Civic and CRV from Honda.

  7. I wish it was my car.
  8. You think the top one looks worse? The Impreza has always been a horrible chav mobile. It looks as though they're improving it to me! I mean, jeeez, look at the air intake and the spoiler on the bottom one. I mean, it's not exactly as much risk of taking off now is it?
  9. The lights and grille look like an astra from where I'm looking. Thought that the first time I saw the pics a few months ago. The Impreza never was good looking but I agree with allyis, 'king ugly.
  10. Not going to bite.
  11. I own a new Civic and the model we have here is only on sale in Europe. America and Japan have a different model. Am I right in saying that it was designed and made in Europe, not Japan?
  12. what a joke

    from a rally legend to this thing :(
  13. Modelled on chavs astra by the looks of it.
  14. Not exactly vorsprung durch teknic is it...
  15. I have a "old" style Impreza. Went to my local specialist for a service and they had an "new" shape STI Impreza in there. Must admit, in the flesh its not that bad, better quality interior but like a Ferrari has to be in Red, a BMW has to be rear wheel drive, a Impreza has to be a saloon!

    I have mine since new but as of yet have not found anything for the same price and performance!