what the feck do i do now i have it!

Discussion in 'Medals' started by cheggarsRE, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. I finally have my OSM Afghanistan after 4 fecking years of waiting for it!!! Sent 3 times apparently. It's already started de-threading itself, so what on earth do i do with it now?? My FAD is being done with the ribbon on but who do i see to get me medal 'sorted' or is it a private matter that i'll pay for??

    pretty sprog question i admit however i'll ask now not on the 1st November!!
  2. Ask for a new ribbon when you take it down the tailors (if you've got one) to get it mounted?
  3. If you got to pay for mounting yourself, try these:

    The Mess Dress

    they are bassed down in bournemouth and do a 3 day return on average. Fantastic service :)
  4. Tried them once and they were webbo.

    I found The medal Mounting Shop a lot better and the bloke is ex RE aswell.

    Medal Mounting Services
  5. Webbo?

    I've used the MessDress guys in B'mouth numerous times, they've always been excellent, and a very quick turnaround time.
  6. Yeah, they mounted the ribbon on my telic medal the wrong way around (black bar was to the right). Obviously I never noticed till I saw everyone elses when I was on parade. Maybe it was a one off simple mistake but it just seamed unprofessional to me. When I got back in touch with them they didn't want to know unless I paid up again. It was about a month later but its not like I remounted it myself the wrong way around or anything.

    Like I say probably a one off, and you have used them more recently and they are spot on now. But I wouldn't bother with them again. Plus the bloke at the one I mentioned above polished my medals to ****, they are gleaming!