What the feck are you doing here!!!!

I once hung about in the rear of a particular pub car park for over 3 weeks and then by the strangest of coincidences the very bloke I wanted to hit with my sock full of snooker balls appeared...... spooky or what ?
Was in Ibiza back in 1997 met a old neighbour, some lads from school and a lad from the hotel I was in ther year before. In 1998 back over there met a lad who I done basic with........small world
My Grandfather walked into a pub in Australia and behind the bar was the former landlord of his local in London, who had emigrated some years before. He had no prior knowledge of where in Aus the landlord had moved to. Chance in a billion.
I once turned up for work and by the most amazing coincidence, everyone else was wearing exactly the same outfit.

Talk about spooky!


Stop the fucking bus..............................

Same pub....................The punch and Judy

Whilst in there with the current Ms BoS (having seperated from ex Ms BoS) .............Tap on shoulder......." Hello Mate".....It was my brother in law. Him and my sister were on a birthday party trawl. I lived in London at the time but they lived fucking miles away.

They didnt know about the young lady in question.................

My face was a picture apparently..............
Well I went into the chatroom and found people discussing their hangovers following a crawl in the punch and judy and then saw this thread.....

cue ghostly sound effect and "psycho" type violins in the background.....

edited to add: And you should have heard what they were saying about YOU BBR... would have filled an MG11 and many many 11a's LoL!

Cheeky Vimto's eh?


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I'd told the bouncers at a nightclub what I thought of them (I was exceedingly drunk) one night after they'd p!ssed me off and wouldn't let me back in, and rather than leave the safety of their club (?!?!?!?) to respond, they sent a couple of fellahs out after me. It turned out that one of them was an ex-employee of mine - spooky as hell. During the scrabbling around in the road, I told him I'd see him within a week, and I'd be sober.

Spookily, I was walking through the town centre the very next day, and lo and behold, there was ex-employee, in a PINK jumper with a girl on each arm.

Not to miss an opportunity, I explained in a loud voice the significance of pink, and why those ladies should not be hoping for any kind of action from such a 'person'. He bit . . . my point about pink jumpers was proven resoundingly in no short order, and then turned to crimson. Even weirder than that - I haven't seen him since.
well of course you haven't seen him, he was wearing a pink jumper and now he'll be sat at home giving it a jollly good wash to get the crimson out doh!
My first annual camp with the ACF a few years back we were at Fremington near Barnstaple.One night we were all in the local & I was chatting to the barmaid,noticing her Brummie accent, we got chatting about where we were originally from.
Turns out we went to the same high school,was in the same year at school & took a lot of the same subjects! I left school way back in 1982!!
Used to booze with a SSM(?) from 7RHA in the mess in Belize... Great guy - I RTUed and when I got back the resident unit had rotated out.

Two years later, I'm married to an American lass who is moving to the UK. She has to sign up with the local cop shop. No problem except I don't have a car. We go to Ash cop shop and are told we can't register her there we have to go to Aldershot. Go to Aldershot, can't register her there we have to go to Farnham. Go to Farnham.... yada yada yada... to Guildford. Now it's her last day to register or she's a "crim"... We get the train to Guildford and get into the cop shop only to be told that we have to go to the County Constabulary that is ten miles away on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. As we walk out it starts to rain, it's 11:30 and theres a pub across the street... So in we go. We're sat having a beer and someone yells "Airborne???"... It's him... He's getting ready to get out and is on a "Career Day" for the police with a group, they have a bus and they are going... guess where... Yep, the top of that hill... A quick word with the Major and we had a free ride up the hill.

That's a pretty small world, two years, 4500 miles, a rainstorm and he's going to the same out of the way place as we are... :D
I was in hospital in Germany, a couple of years back, having a minor op to remove a cyst from the bottom of my back.

A couple of beds down from me, was a guy having the same op in the same place... Who I used to be in the Army Cadets with... He was REME and I was RE...
I was swimming near Malaga and bumped into my old teacher whose holiday apartment is 100 yards from where I was staying.
RitchieRitch69 said:
I was swimming near Malaga and bumped into my old teacher whose holiday apartment is 100 yards from where I was staying.
Did he think you were a big touchy, bitey girl and fill you in?
I bought a zippo lighter that was a direct descendant of another zippo that saved a geezers life....weird!
I ended up shagging a mates ex girlfriend in the same bed that he used to shag her in....totally weird or what?

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