What the F......?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ream_Me, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. I just googled AAC, found the lovely Army/AAC website, was about to wander off looking for the link and I stopped, shocked 8O - had that damn budgie just waved at me? Has the g&t finally addled my brain?
    Went away, came back - nothing. Went away, came back - bl@@dy hell!!!!
    Please - have a look, is it me going mad or is the AAC trying to chav up their image? :roll: Answers on the back of a burberry postcard.
  2. I think you may be right, either that or the bottle of spanish red has frazzled my brain tonight
  3. Oh dear, how very unpleasant. Next they'll add squawking sounds.
  4. Qualiy. KA KAAA!
  5. I did wonder about that.

    Hehe @ Budgie
  6. Sorry, but that is just outstanding! Just wait till I show the rest of us Crabs how common the AAC is!
  7. The AAC isn't common. It's people are taught to be soldiers first, pilots/specialists second.
    In crab-air, the people are taught to be ruperts first, ossifers second, people third. :twisted:

    That's before I tell these good people what the members of crab air, and rampant rabbits have in common 8) .
  8. Hmmmm. Soldiers first....pilot second? Don't you think that the ability to dig a trench and fire a mortar to be rather less important than what all the knobs and switches do on a very expensive and lethal helicopter?

    Personally, I like my pilots to be just that....pilots first and formost! Pretty good some of em too!
  9. Oh god, what is it with people misinterpreting me today 8O .

    It's all the recruiting literature going to my head :x .
  10. Infiltrator, it is amusing to hear you refer to the AAC, or indeed any part of the Army, as "common" when compared with the RAF.

    Either you're having a laugh, or have not had any dealings with the Army.
  11. You been on the voltorol again dude?
    Give them up they are bad for you.
    PS It did wave at you once