what the f**k is wallop all about?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SHOCKER, Dec 15, 2002.

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  1. Wallop is the place that drains our life blood, so how come no one can do anything about it, with their stupid courses that teach you erm.... nothing, or how to get F**ked about.

    What happens to people that go there to become the next 'instructor' and turn evil?

    If I ever meet the Director of Army Aviation hope he has the time of day........... :mad:
  2. Wallop tries it's best, it really does.
    However, of late, the base material they have to work with is somewhat lacking.
    Granted, DS from Wallop are a tad odd but it's a kind of institutionalization, they can't help it. They feel urges to cut down their jungle hats, roll up the sleeves on their SAS smocks and call everyone under the age of 25 "crow". However, without them, who would teach the youngsters the basis of what they are expected to do.
    Tell you what Shocker, you seem a bit whiney in your last couple of posts. It's not all bad and Chrimbo is just round the corner( I apologise if you're stagging on). Stop fretting, it'll all come good in the end.
    We shall enjoy it
    For those that find fault
    May sadness and sorrow take them. ::) ::) ::)
  3. I know what you are saying.

    Stagging on its always the same faces, I blame that mad civvy doc for giving out sick chits for no apparent reason! Obviously some of us don't have a life doc we enjoy stagging on.

  4. Wallop was a life drainer in 87, the DS were all wierd and the beer tasted like p1ss.

    Nice to see that some things never change ;D
  5. At least Choppers burnt down ;D

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways
  6. I never knew choppers bunt down!

    Many a trog did I pull in there on a thursday night.

    They were the days, pull some hippocrockapig, do her in some seedy bedsit and then tell her your name was Paddy Shaw and, by all means, call at the guard room to ask for me ;D ;D
  7. Old retired groundie, your loosing your marbles old son!

    wednesday night was the night in goppers!

    followed by the chinky van parked in the layby opposite the NAAFI........

    Memories.....ahh ;D :D ;D
  8. I thought it was thursday because it was at least friday before I could see again ;D
  9. On a more serious note can anyone tell me what they actually do at Wallop now.  When I was there in '77 and '86 it was a thriving training school for aircrew and groundcrew.  What has changed to cause all this animosity towards the DS?  I left the Corps in '89 after 21 1/2 years service.
  10. Firstly, DREME (top FLA) decided to take SAE away from Wallop, therefore Building his Core values within his Corps but Vastly weakaening the 'Light Blue Ethos' within our organisation.

    Then they decided to take courses that were demanding, but ultimately satisfying, and P**s about with them until all they were left with were the ARRse bits.

    After that they were affected by the general lowering of standards in recruits (Computer games are all well and good but you still need to be able to face the enemy and kill him knowing that you won't have another two lives if you mess this one up! ! ! !).

    Then Choppers burnt down. Electrical fire they say!! Didn't know Dave knew so much about wiring?
  11. Thanks Murph, Is there any flying done at Wallop? Is the 5 Bells still as popular as it was? The Choppers burning down was a long time coming......what a den of iniquity! Still, it was close, at least closer than the Mucky Duck.
  12. If u go to wallop now all they do is teach u how to hug trees and ETHOS and more ETHOS well if u ask me choppers was our ethos it was sad but funny me and ginge gardner and a few of the lads late 80 s generation picked a leg there many a night it was just the uk equivelant of soests big ben but less violent
  13. ::)Never mind the courses, Choppers taught me ALL I needed to know!!!
  14. The beer tasted like piss back in the seventies, too ! Nice to know nowt changed.

    Anyway, I LIKED the place !! Am I the only one ?

    Sounds like it was LOADS better than Whattasham

  15. I was there to see one Flambe ! Ran out of the hangar clutching a 2.5kg BCF extinguisher, and felt very inadequate ! :-[ " BoooF " it went. The first Lynx at Wallop !!