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What the f**k has happened to the Daleks?

They've turned into office water coolers. Here's one on its way to exterminate Boris Johnson (more power to its gunstick!)


Where's the sink plunger manipulator arm? And the decorative integral lighting feature strikes me as being superfluous and not in keeping with the sort of sustainability one expects in 2020. I hope there's a charging point in Downing Street. The eyestalk looks like a Maglite torch and the body styling has a very rough and ready modular look about it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if somebody told me that Dalek production has been outsourced from the planet Skaro to the People's Republic of China.

I want Boris Johnson's last moments to be filled with fear and dread, not mild bemusement.


I'm surprised they've painted it what appears to be black.

Surely it should be rainbow-LBGT branded and actually demonstrating for proper ramp access to No.10?


I see its black. I eagerly await the complaints about stereotyping.



The question is "Are you a Dalek or a stair?"


If I know Daleks and their predilection for seriously upsetting people, it's probably 'blackface'. No face covering, either, which will cause further public angst.
You're right! Its clearly cultural appropriation.
I see its black. I eagerly await the complaints about stereotyping.

I must remind you that, as with all the best things, they're all pink on the inside.


We've probably all had mornings when we look like this.

The outside of the Dalek that we see is merely the coachworks, if you will. The essence of the creature is contained on the inside. I really shouldn't have to tell you this.
Don't the Daleks have a heirarchy of turret colours? Black and red are the senior bods, with plain old white or grey as the footsoldiers.

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