What the f*ck was I flossing?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by _Artemis_, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Right, I need some help explaining this one. How the hell did a 15cm long piece of dental floss end up in my arrse with a (clean) few centimetres sticking out? Never mind how I found it, how the fuck did it get up there?
  2. how drunk were you last night? The answer to this one could be related to your question.
  3. I suppose it has at least removed the bits stuck in between.
  4. Was it attached to your wife's vibrator? :?

    You know, the one she leaves in her bedside drawer? :)
  5. FFS GM You know it wasn't me.

    I would have used a horse hair flogger with dildo handle. :D
  6. Did you get a ring dhobie from someone who was attempting oral hygiene before the drugs kicked in?
  7. Im plumping that it is a sign from god that you are the new angel of truth justice and reconcilliation.
  8. Are you sure it was dental floss and not a tapeworm?
  9. Maybe it was detcord. Even so, what on earth was it doing up your rusty sherrif's badge? This is a mystery that not even Poirot could solve methinks. Maybe someone thought you were talking out of your a*se, literally.
  10. Alien abduction...................? just a thought?
  11. What kind of experiment were they trying to do on the poor lad? These aliens are clearly a bunch of f*ckwitts.

  12. dont know whats worse that you think Art is a lad or that Aliens are F*ckwitts.....lol

    where is scully when you need her
  13. Theres only one answer to that! Mrs A was flossing her teeth when the urge to give her a good seeing to came upon you ... in the heat of passion Mrs A still had dental floss wrapped around her finger, the same finger she used to shove up your arrse whilst giving you BJ .... foreplay you can't beat it :wink:
  14. Who is this Blackrat? Clearly a supreme kind of f*ckwitt by all accounts.
  15. I think a huge majority of arrse males would probably be very interested to see Arty getting a BJ. Must be a really life like dildo to trick someone into thinking arty was a chap.

    However, the chest hair, vindaloo breath and crew cut do nothing to feminise her..... 8O