Discussion in 'REME' started by REMEWOTAJOKE, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm getting fed up with boring threads so lets get the photo's up of the MOST SPECTACULAR OR STUPID bogging in you've ever seen,pulled out or driven in!!,I've attached a few that I've found on the net to start the ball rolling.

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  2. Captions
    #1----------"DOWN ,down ..deeper and down!!"(Status Quo)
    #2 ---------"Blubottle(GOONS) --"OH!!..he's faallen in the waater"
    # 3-------- "Who the @@@@ put that trench there???"
  3. Same answer they always come out with in my experience!

    "It wasn't my fault"

    Commanded/crewed the CRARRV & CHARRV/ARV so probably heard it enough times.

  4. I'm not normally on this tank
    I'm not the driver
    I was told it was supposed to be like that
    I'm not a driver mech
  5. if they'd hit that third one fast enough, would they have made it, and carried on...admittedly with very sore butts.

    and im suprised if nobody drowned in that second one...
  6. Humph

    Were you there at Athlone Bks when we did the pre-handover PRE for the Household Cav? I seem to recall that by day 3 they had run out of tanks that had been prepped, the comment "tow round the next victim" didn't go down too well. The BEME had to come & mediate, how we laughed!!

  7. One from the past. But what is it?

  8. 1:I guess the "deep mud" sign wasn't fibbing afterall!
    2: bl00dy shoddy bridging....bl00dy engineers!!
    3: I told the boss that trying to jump it would be a bad idea!
  9. It's a Matilda. Probably the Matilda 'Frog' used by the Diggers in the Pacific.
  10. [quote="Bubbles_Barker]It's a Matilda. Probably the Matilda 'Frog' used by the Diggers in the Pacific.[/quote]

    Well done BP

  11. Well done BP


    I did two months in Bougainville with the Australian Army in 1998 - there were Zeros and all sorts sitting in the jungle. Sadly I couldn't find a Matilda........

    In East Timor there were still Japanese landing craft on the beach and a nice pair of 6lbr AT guns outside one of the police stations.
  12. Oh yes, I remember Harry the Axe, John and Steve all on that one. Also remember going in to the cookhouse in absolutely minging covies and when asked "who the fnuck are you?" commenting "FRG 33 mate" and being told very quickly "ah, no probs mate, help yourself"
    Ah the joys of being a saint!
  13. 1: The troop ldr has gone off in my c/s so we could play Nurdles
    2: when they said the obstical has moved they meant it
    3:The latest pics of a Merkiva with main armt on Stab
  14. I know what it is......................Well and truely stuck, thats what it is!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey Nobby, Humph,
    I seem to recall the Good old saints on Soltau on the hard standing sat on the blade of the Arrvs,
    Along came the Rotveiler (life guards RCM) in his Ferret, and all the FRG jumped up chanting "Life Guards , Life Guards, Rah, Rah, Rah, apparently they've never seen a ferret stop so quick and use the reverse gears at mach 9 to address you verbally LOl