What the best thing you have ever had in your mouth? Part 2

I asked this same question a long time ago.Since then we have had a lot more new members join up,so I thought I would try it again!

For me? A freshly caught trout,cooked over an open fire by the river on a farm in Devon.
Fresh mackerel, boiled in seawater in a French stick whilst boat fishing off Rame Head, washed down with a nice, chewy, 8% scrumpy..you can stuff yer Bollinger and foie gras..vile muck.
A glass of 1988 Mosel. During a vineyard visit and the tasting afterwards.

For the first time ever I realised what all those wine conesewers[SUP] (tm)[/SUP] were going on about.

Tasted like concentrated grapes and sunshine.
Oh....I can't wait for Jarrod's response!

Young wild pig's liver, flash fried (whilst it's owner is still cooling on a meat hook) with bacon and onions, served with Weizenbier for breakfast after a sucessful night's shooting.


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Corny as it sounds, but a roast lamb dinner with potatos cooked in goose fat. my mrs made it for me after i spent a couple of months in hospital.
Even though i couldnt finish it, it was outstanding.

Oh and the terriyaki fish, chicken, steak meal i had in hawai 1988
Fresh caught Snapper and Tarakihi in New Zealand, handed over from a local bloke.
Which of course I then deep fried in Beer batter.
Aged about 10, sitting in a tiny harbour in Orkney with my Dad on a summer's day, eating fresh crab meat from the claws. Decades down the line I can still remember the exquisite taste.

I also remember a freshly caught fish fried in butter one summer evening in Kilmore Quay in Wexford when I was solo hitching round Ireland in the early 80s. It tasted so fresh and clean after living off rubbish food for days ...
Goats liver delicately fried in Olive oil with some amazing local herbs, onions and bacon with big, fat Cypriot fried chips.

Pergamos Camp cookhouse '79 ish and done by locally hired chef.

It was so damned stunningly good I had to zoom over to the NAAFI shop to buy a bottle of "rustic" red to accompany it.

Went into the kitchen after to thank the guy for a great meal - now there is a first !
A beautiful chilli flavoured Thai mans anus, lovingly tongued and even made my foreskin tingle.
Arseholes and bellends is the best thing you have ever had?

You must be a fucking terrible cook and too cheap to buy a decent drink as well.

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