What the adverts say about you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_of_the_Burpas, May 4, 2012.

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  1. I've noticed that Google has started to 'remember' what you've been recently looking at online and posts helpful adverts to assist your future phantom purchases.

    Hence when you're looking at Arrse, the ads reflect what you've last looked at.

    In my case, alas, Halfords.

    But what appears on your Arrse Home Page? Anal cleansers? Walty flak jackets? Holidays in Frinton?

    Confess. I think we should be told.
  2. Nothing, I've got adblock
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  3. Vannesa Feltz.

    Where do i sign for the mess Webley?
  4. Gold coins and dating agencies
  5. Adverts.jpg

    Apparently lonely wives are looking for a man like me.
  6. Are they better looking than Readers Wives?
  7. Apparently lots of muslim girls are gagging for my uncircumcized infidel cock.
  8. ocado.com 'cos I'm posh innit
  9. Do I seem the sort of person who wants to look at 1970's clunge shots of ladies' middle bits?

    You disgust me.
  10. That's a no then.
  11. Will be a relief for the missus, then, God bless her.
  12. I've got a mirror - why would I need to read smutty magazines?

    You pervert. Are you suggesting I am a lebanon?
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  13. Not once have i mentioned glass coffee tables or mexican dwarves. This accusation is without foundation.
  14. They all seem to be about erectile dysfunction and Bladder weakness:-(
  15. Unlike her patio, the foundation of which is constructed mainly of body parts.