What TA unit should a female join in London

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A female friend of my with some cadets/OTC experience is wondering what TA unit she should con-sider joining in London.  She’s a graduate but doesn’t have the time to go for a commission so would be looking for a challenging OR environment.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  She works and lives in the west end.

“....Also, I have a quick question for you... I was looking into joining the TA and I'm looking for some-thing challenging.  Anyway, I wasn't sure about a couple of things and their website isn't that helpful - do all the London units accept women or are some of them guys only? What do you have to do to get in (is it quite similar to the RNR/RAAF/OTC selection tests do you think?), is it difficult, and do you have to be really fit before you join? Oh, and are there any regiments that I really shouldn't join?”
Almost all units accept women in some form. The infantry and cavalry still do not accept women, so the London Regt and the Royal Yeomanry (I think) would not accept her. However, many of the inf/cav units have women attached to them via the Adjutant Generals Corps or the REME.

I would suggest she look at:

151 Regt RLC
71 Signals Regt (or the Inns of Court and City Yeomanry who are an independant Sigs unit)
101 Sqn Royal Engineers (EOD)
135 Sqn Royal Engineers (Geographic Survey)
131 Cdo Sqn RE
REME (both would be on attachment to other units)
RMP in Forest Hill
Honourable Artillery Company

Details should be on the army website under "units". To join you just get in touch and arrange to go in and speak to the recruiting officer who will give you a persentation and a load of forms to fill in. You then get invitied back for a medical and are "attested" (processed through) and begin your recruits training. If you have previous OTC experience but have not completed TCB and RMAS you will need to er-enlist as a recruit and can apply to the TCB on comlpetion of the recruits course.

Mr Happy

What about the 151 RLC, what do they do?  I was RLC once I enjoyed it enough (though obviously not enough to stay).
Have a search on the website and that will tell you. You can find a link on the RLC Assoc website, the address of which is on one of the posts on the RLC forum.

151 is made up of 3 squadrons with 2 Gen Transport and 1 POL sqn. The RHQ is in Croydon and they have detachments all over Greater London.
just to put in my plug for the Corps...

Firstly, I think 131 Cdo Sqn RE would be out for your friend as to my best knowledge they don't recruit women (I may be wrong but I'm certain this is still the case as they are commandos)

101 Regt RE are an EOD regt based mainly in London. Their website is here 101 Engineer Regt.

135 Independent Topographical Squadron recruit mainly people with civillian qualifications relevant to the role but if she is intrested she should deffinately get in touch with them as I'm sure they would be happy to provide more info, and they still require all the other elements of an RE sqn (Signalers, Drivers, Plant ops etc for which no prior knowledge is required) the website for the squadron is here 135 Indep Topo Sqn

In general there would be no requirement for your friend to join as an officer even if she is a graduate, (and conversely there is no need to be a graduate to be an officer!!). She would more than likely be informed of her options but if she didnt want to try for a commision that would be her choice.

If she is after a varied TA career then she could do a lot worse than the RE.


I've been at 101 EOD Regt RE and 151 Sp Regt RLC - I would say the RLC are slightly better.  I certainly found the PSAO's to be a bit more flexible at 151 - the one I worked for at 101 thought he was still in the Regular Army!  She could of course try the RGJ - I tried to join them before 151 but wasn't at all impressed with the way I was treated, so I kicked that into touch pretty quickly!  :eek:  ;D
The RGJ in London are now part of the London Regt.  I think the comment earlier that females are all AGC is correct.
sticking to corps loyalty she should try 257 field hospital.
257 Fld Hosp? Is that the Braganza St mob in Brixton?
Give 3 MI Battalion (ie the Intelligence Corps) a whirl.  Graduates are common (if not the rule) among OR recruits, and you'll never get bored.  There's quite a high percentage of women as well (as opposed to being the only one) so no real issues there either.  

However, the bar is set quite high to get in so be prepared to have to work for it.  

Mobilisation is (as anyone who's followed the news will know) highly likely, so don't bother if all you want is a drinking club with a bit of outdoor activity thrown in.  

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