What TA area should i apply for?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by sinkers89, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick brief on myself before i ask any questions:
    Age - 22
    previous working experience - 1 year as a Merch Navy Officer Cadet (18 - 19), lived in scotland for 9 months working in a cafe (19-20) moved back home to liverpool, un-employed for 6 months *que scouse not working jokes :p* Became a security guard at 20 and still in the security industry now.

    So basically, i want to further my career in security, move up to supervisor then management level. Whilst speaking to a few friends and countless interviews within security firms i find alot of management jobs are occupied by ex-force.

    So i have decided i am going to join the TA. I did the job role finder thing on the army website and i got RMP or Logistics. I've read the job descriptions on both and looked at which TA centre is more accessable (the Logisitics one is a stones throw away and the RMP is in Manchester) but im thinking , wouldnt RMP help better my Security job? (plus i always want to be a policeman when i was a kid but followed in my dads footsteps and went merch navy) I dont expect anything to just land on my plate, i know im going to have to work hard in what ever i do but i feel doing this will help me alot in civvie street whilst giving something back.

    So basically im just looking for some information off experienced people just to give me that little bit more info than what the army website provides.

  2. RAF regiment without a doubt. Couple of years in there and you'll be the most nails security guard going.
  3. Shoot yourself.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I dont fancy being a 'snowdrop' plus im already a alright security guard, just want to better myself. Its not the most rewarding job in the world but its a job in the end run.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom guys ;)
  5. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Not being RMP I can't comment on if it will help with your civvy job - but I'll say what I say to all our potential recruits. Do you really want to spend your evenings and weekends doing what you do 9-5?

    If you've not already seen it - The Territorial Army Near You - For Those Interested in Joining the TA - there's a few more options near by than just RMP and Logistics nearby.
  6. Thanks Walkyrie, That link is fantastic.

    Just looked at Royal Artillary reserve, i think i may be able to qualify for the Troop Officer which would be fantastic.

    Again thanks Walkyrie, i was being far to narrow minded regarding this.
  7. Didnt say i was perfect , Drivers Log, only wanting to better myself in an industry where there is very little oppoutunity to do so :)
  8. Drivers Log, I understand the seniority i am looking for will take years, i know this is going to be a long term commitment. I just dont want to be walking in blind. Sorry if i was a bit cheeky before.

    I currently work as a Site Security and us IT/cctv monitoring alot and working with the general public all the time has given me could communication skills. So maybe the Int Corps would be a realistic option.
  9. It may well be. As I am not one of the tripe mining 5MI fraternity I can't be bothered to see what your nearest Coy/det is, but there will be one fairly close. You may well find that you can indulge your appetite for security as there are still Sy gigs knocking about for reservists, or more likely and (dare I say it) more desirable, increase your skill set to make you considerably more employable.

    I would advise you to bite the bullet of travelling a few extra miles to attend drill nights, if you are truly looking for a role that may help you in the industry in which you currently work.