What Sub-Culture did you grow up in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Me, it was Hard-Mod/Skin. Lots of my friends, too through Cadets to Militia (TA for Brits) through to joining Regular Force. So whatsit? Punker? Break-dancin' hip-hop freak? Hasidic Yeshiva student? Ted? Rocker/Wnaker(CDN.) Tell me all about it
  2. rudeboy then trojan/scooter skin...
  3. I grew up in my own sub-culture that I refered to as cosmic spangled flipper sex.

    Sadly it never caught on. :(
  4. skater ... then all my mates started going emo, so i just just started working at McDonlads and ignored them ... they all went to uni and are now very annoying students >.>
  5. I bet you never even had a scooter, eh, e-lazyer?
  6. Any old psychobilly's out there? I know now why I went bald, natures way of saying no more silly haircuts!!
  7. MOD me, i'm still clinging on to it. I've still got 2 old vespas that fall apart with annoying regularity. I wouldnt have it any other way - the scooter scene is still vibrant with excellent ralleys and pi55ups.
  8. E-Layer - quality!
    I'd forgotten the richard allen books... Them and Sven Hassel were essential reading when I was a nipper... We all wanted to be Joe Hawkins (or Porta)...
  9. Scooters, soul & Northern soul, now reliving teen years and bought another Lambretta.
  10. Gunny, years ago:

  11. ska and mod music,have memories of being chased by a gang of skinheads in barry island because i had my parka on!fucking had to catch a bus to cardiff to lose them! 8O
  12. Where was your feckin' scoot??Or did you own a Vespa and it wasn't working.
  13. AC/DC
  14. MOD but not the one your talking about mine was M.O.D aye yes we joined young in them days.