what stupid pointless thread would you start?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by socialhandgrenade247, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Should i stop being a grumpy old twat

  2. Should these NIGs learn something about the Army before posting shit

  1. Ok as per normal start "after a rather pished session in the Pub on the chat with my bezza / drunk alter ego we/I got round to talking about the stupid fcuking pointless threads that people start in the NAAFI. and the in my/our pissed states we/I asked what annoys you the most the stupid thread or the person who started it. traits of the poster tend to be have been in the NAAFI bar longer than they have been in the Army. Have more posts than most MODs despite having only joined in April 2006.So in the interest of pissing them off I started this thread.......What annoys you more?"
    The popular opinion seemed to be that I should put my Flack jacket on and head for cover however does it grip anyone else's shit that these posts don't get sent straight to the Arrsehole? :twisted:
  2. Well as of this morning I think that honour goes to this thread.

  3. Serious Question :?:

    What type of threads do you want to see the Naafi filled with?
  4. In Reply to the sponge happy to see my thread go to the Arrsehole along with all the other "what's your favourite colour" threads

    To Cait. The NAAFI used to have the wonderful disgusting stories of what soldiers go up to mixed with the ability to laugh at others misfortune as per MDN's mong threads. That's what should be in the NAAFI in my view. Not "what's your favourite soap opera" threads
  5. Hva faen?
  6. Designer ones. There's no way I'd buy any of that Chav Kapa rubbish. And you need to sort your act out as well. You've been looking a bit shabby of recent. Next is so 80s.
  7. Oi leave the dayglow jumpsuit alone its retro. Havent you got a Green Howards museum to visit or something instead of taunting me? :D
  8. I'm a Retrosexual, can I have one?

    Nice museum is the Green Howards Museum, very impressive medal room and located in what I can categorically state as England's finest Georgian Market Town....even on a rainy day.
  9. Yeah, but its not interesting like Blandford.
  10. Aptly named 'Bland' ford.
  11. FY FAEN. Av og til noen mennesker har laget dritt ny sider på ARRSE. Slutt med den og hold kjeft. For nytt sider du kan lager et sider for hvem skal gå til helvete.

    SK :evil:

    Jeg feil med gramatikk. Ikke sant.
  12. So if you live near "Rich"mond, does that make you wealthy?
  13. do you dwell in 'cumdumpfordshire' ?

  14. Hvad i alverden er det du siger?

    Kan du ikke skrive på et sprog vi kan forstå, frem for det Norske volapyk?
  15. Jeg ønske å skrive i språk vi kan alle førstår. Men når mann har skrevet og har begynt dumme sider, vi må svar i andre språk så de kan førstår ingenting. Ikke sant. Hvis han hadde begynt sider hvilke var interresant til meg, kankje jeg å svar i engelsk.

    Tror jeg at Jeg må begynner Norsk språk utdanning igjen. Fy.
    Det er litt vanskelig for meg å lese og å snakker norsk, men eg prøve den hver dag. Ofte finne jeg at norsk mann kan snakker bedre engelsk. :oops:

    SK :D

    p.sEg har hodepinne nå, takk skal du har. :D