what stretch do I need to do?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jimmy1880, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    Got a bit of an issue I need help with.

    I should be going to selection early Jan '08 and I have been beasting myself for 2 to 3 hours every night because my BMI is still a bit too high (BMI 29.3)

    It's been going ok untill a couple of days ago as when I first start running I get what can only be described as cramp running up the front of my shins untill it becomes unbearable and have to stop so then I get on the rowing machine do a couple of kilometers on that do a few weights etc. It seems though once I'm thoroughly warmed up I can can run as normal and do a couple of miles no problem. I am doing stretches before I start but I'm obviously not stretching/warming up whatever muscle it is that runs up my shin.

    Can anyone tell me the best stretch to warm up that muscle?

    Help much appreciated.

  2. I dare to say you are overtraining. Or at the very least running too much. Cut back on the running and this problem will reduce and vanish. Your BMI is pretty high which is probably part of the problem, I had the same prob when I was fat and running.

    If you want to stretch it though (never a bad idea) then I found the most effective thing to do was to make sure my calves were properly stretched (I dont know why but this helped alot) and secondly, rotate your ankles 10 times in each direction as part or your warm up.

  3. Calf stretches work really well, because if your calf is tight, it pulls the muscles down the front of the shin and puts extra strain on them.

    I had similar problems, and found that making sure I took the time to stretch my calves before and after running cleared it up a treat (took quite a while though, to really be pain free!)
  4. If the pain is on the outside front of the shin it could well be anterior compartment syndrome. The shin is split into several compartments, with compartment syndrome the pressure in a ceartian compartment. this can be due to the muscle grwoing too big for the sheath which could be what you are doing as you are doing lots of training. Calf streches will help as they should loosen the muscles pulling on the shin off. Compartment syndrome can also be caused by a sudden blow or injury, so have you hit your shin hard recently? Personally I think its due to overtraining, I also have some shin pain from overtraining.

    See this website for more information
  5. Another thing I just remebered, it could well be shin splints, althought they are more common along the inside of the lower leg.
  6. agree with the fellas above sounds to much to soon if your bmi is high dnt wanna be rude but could be to much pressure on th lower legs try cutting the 2/3 hours down have 20 min warm up and do high intensity short runs msybe even try different running styles i found with me it was combination over running to soon and had sh@|*t trainers no offence
  7. Thanks guys,

    No offense taken. my BMI is high due to my build, I play alot of rugby. I need just to knock off a few more kilo's before selection and the only way of burning of any excess fat I've been told is pure cardio for as long as i can go.

    I'm only taking in about 1500 calories a day so I'll probably loose a bit of muscle mass too but it'll be worth it. As once I'm in I can go back to normal.

    Today I stretched and walked for over a mile before I started running and the pain wasn't nearly half as bad. I'd obviously just not been warming up the right muscles.

    Thanks for the input though guys.
  8. Let us know how you get on.
  9. Over Training? lol.. Jay be careful on how you advise on injuries mate. Im not giving you a hard time its just that "over use" injuries are exactly that.

    Even though technically this problem could be classed as an over use injury, I would still suggest that this problem is not because the guy is running too far or too often!

    This guy simply appears to be suffering from a slight pressure problem in the shin area. Its quite common in people that use treadmills.

    He simply needs to warm up correctly!

    OK to the guy at the top, walk on the treadmill (if you are indeed using one) for about 500m, I would suggest that you will still feel this uncomfortable cramp type feeling) then get off the treamill sit on the floor, keep your legs flat (straight out) and try and point your toes toward your head. Hold it for around 10 seconds, then relax.

    Repeat this 5 times, stand up and shake your legs off. Now get back on the treadmill and start by walking then slowly getting up to speed over a steady period!

    There ya go problem solved, I reckon! I would suggest you don't have an"overuse" injury!


    PS Better still click this... http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=shin+stretches&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=images&ct=title
  10. ^ Props. Was just talking from my experience. You seem to know more about it.

  11. Cheers bud I tried this tonight and sure enough I got a pain during the 500m brisk walk. Got off the treadmill did the stretches you said and then managed to run 1.5 miles at 8mph with no probs at all.

    Result! :D
  12. Jimmy,

    I've always been a big lad too, around six foot and 95kgs (15st) (in terms of both fat and build) and beginning training from a low starting level, I'm encountering exactly the same problem, though mostly in just the right leg.

    Good to hear it can be resolved - personally, it's been pretty despressing as you've got to stop long before you're giving the old heart and lungs a good workout.

    It sounds like Fones knows what he's on about. It sounds much like the problem that a lot of people find with lower back pain - their abs aren't strong enough, so the strain goes to the other side.

    Going to walk everywhere as well - probably a couple of miles a day - to get the lower legs built up to taking my weight for long periods again. I used to cycle everywhere - good exercise but no impact!

    Best of luck sorting it out, chap.
  13. About 5-10 years, at a guess.