What stove / cooker ?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by thecoops, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. Also I've stuck this in the wrong bit so mods feel free to move it to the right one
  2. I've had a Jetboil for about five years. Useful and compact, but I've always been a bit disappointed with the boil time. Never seems to be as good as the advertised figures.

    So personally, if I was replacing I would give the Primus Eta a go.

    Have a look on-line for the magazine TGO (The Great Outdoors?) - I think they have done reviews.
  3. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    Go for a rangemaster excell www.rangemaster.co.uk awonderful bit of kit if the mrs can't boil an egg on that.....
  4. Yup, I've got a Peak 1 multifuel which I bought for exactly that reason. It cost me about £45 twenty years ago and is still going strong.
  5. The new BCB dragon fuel is supposed to be very good, especially in conjunction with their crusader system

  6. Have virtually the same set-up (different brands),but I also purchased an adaptor,to allow you to use,the aerosol shaped cans as well,makes a lot of difference,if you can't get the normal gas refills!
  7. Good choices. When my now 6 year old Jetboil karks it (replaced igniter and burner head) I'll go for something like that.
  8. Quiet affordable as well but gas cans will never be as available worldwide as unleaded.
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  9. Meths. Drink it or burn it. Available at tramp's outfitters worldwide. ISTR the mob carry it too.
  10. I can echo that. I use it when overnighting on a 2 day hike. Lightweight, powerful and nails. I've got the Coleman Sportster as well but that's only used if I've using the car - I've had a few funny looks siphoning my own petrol for it - but agree with DanJ, nails bit of kit