What stories has the Government buried in the last two days?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. I want to know what the Government has managed to hide since the Prince Harry story broke?

    As BBC2 pointed out this evening, most papers have devoted a dozen pages per day to the topic. What interesting little stories have the Government's media advisors been able to bury in the last two days?

    Any suggestions?

    Apart from the Speaker, that is, because that story is par for the course.

  2. Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing: "This would be a good day to bury bad news..."
  3. The timing has actually worked out quite badly for the government - Labour mid year conference is going at the moment I think, but nobody seems too interested.

    Worst news I can find is Arsenal dropping two points at home to Villa.
  4. Things have gone a bit quite on the Speaker story but then snouts on troughs don't suprise anyone anymore.
  5. Next you'll be suggesting that the government had something to do with the story being leaked....
  6. The EU constitution sorrytreaty that's nothing like a treaty really.......despite what the Geman chancellor, Irish PM etc said
  7. I did think that might be the case, TOPs, but even I hesitated to rush to print. People might start thinking I am cynical! :D

  8. Now, then. Are you suggesting that the Labour Party would deliberately risk the lives of out troops just to avoid some negative headlines? Next you'll be suggesting that they care more about their public image than they do about principle, effectiveness, good governance, the well-being of the nation...
  9. Funnily enough, I said the same thing on the Prince Harry thread yesterday. If I were a journo (which I'm not) I would certainly have been looking the other way.

    One other thing that I speculated was that cyclops and swiss tony would find some way of jumping on the bandwagon. Sure enough, on the news on the drive home, there was Gordon and his glove puppet grabbing as much credit as they could. What a bunch of hypocrites! They are sooo predictable it's getting boring even speculating these days because invariably it's true.
  10. Just as well. No sponsors. Venue largely empty. Gordon made a lamentable attempt to rip off the 'I have a dream' speech. Martin Luther King, he aint.

    Failed to distance himself and Labour from Red Ken's sh1tstorm. Continuous references to 'Tory Toffs' and social class is reviving memories of Michael Foot's donkey jacket and Labour's class war phase in the 80's. My spies tell me that, at the end, Mr & Mrs Brown wandered about lost on stage like a couple of Alzheimers victims 'cos nobody had briefed them about where the exit was.

    All in all, an unmitigated disaster for Gordon.

    As was the case a few months ago, there are dark mutterings about replacing Gordon before the next election as the Tories consistently lead in the polls. If they lose London to Boris, Gordon may be advised of the location of the mess webley.

    Even darker mutterings about the PM's mental state. He's apparently unable to sleep at night and triggered a security alert trying to get into his office at 0500 one morning.

    The source of his woes is reported to be the upcoming budget. Expect some serious bad news if you work, have savings or if you are any other form of class traitor.
  11. AM that's fine as far as it goes but the Government of all the glove puppets couldn't run a bath, let alone a revolt against Gordon. Who would replace him? Like him or loathe him (and I am very much the latter) if it wasn't for Tony, Gordon would have been sat glowering on the opposition benches these last 10 years and most of those Labour MPs that currently have their noses deep in the trough would still be teaching bum arts subjects at a third rate poly and misrunning the tea swindle.
  12. **** me, AM, you have such a way with words... I am ROFL!

  13. AM , Please don't use words like Gorden and Mess Webley in same sentence.
    I almost got a hard on.
  14. You don't vote New Labour, do you? It's the little signs that give you away. :D

    I saw the clip on the BBC news where he arrived on stage and launched into the class war oratory (something about 'value of the person, not the title' or whatever) and thought we'd all been warped back to the 1960s.

    And what's all this crap about, for God's sake:

    Is it possible to talk but say nothing? Ask Gordon, but don't expect an answer.
  15. Them and us.
    Class warfare.
    My Dad was a coal miner started working on the face at 14 with a pick and shovel, same as his father and all his brothers, bar one.
    My Ma worked in a Nut and Bolt factory working a Lathe, until working conditions brought on TB and caused her to be incarcerated in a sanatorium for a year or so.
    I was born working class and learned the Old Labour sh1t as a boy.
    I watched Labour in the seventies destroy British Industry and I watched Maggei save the country and that was not a nice process.
    Some folk work hard with their hands others work hard with their brains, some have a hard start to life while others have an easier entry.
    Some folk rise from poverty and get ahead and many fall from a well off start.
    Its just life.
    And as we all know No one ever said, Life is Fair, it isn't and never will be.