What stays with me, even now.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by 13thMan, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. The smell of Cordite
    Black fingernails from bulling
    Numb lips from issued Mozzie repellant
    "Everybody wants to rule the World' Tears for Fears soundtracks to N.I briefing films.
    The constant stench of Av Gas at Besbrook Mill
    Shultheiss Lager
    Choggie Burgers
    The first fag after an ICFT
    The stench everytime you opened a sangar hatch. Why was that ...... :?
    The buzz
    ......sure there's more. Anyone else??


  2. Like most places where a squaddie is left alone for more than 10 minutes, im guessing its the old "knock one out and leave the residue" scenario!
  3. The sound of the tailgate of a 4-tonner being dropped.
  4. The stench of Belfast
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    'Black is black', Rolling Stones. Memories of Zum Teufel bar in Celle.
    'We got to get out of this place', Animals. Sweating bollocks off in Borneo.
    Hexy blocks.
    Doss bag.
    Rifle oil.
    Stench of death and corruption in Turkish enclave in Cyprus.
    San Miguel; nectar of the Gods, especially in a bar in Fan Ling.
    Naafi cornish pastie and orange squash. Finest hangover cure known.
  6. The stink of bush natives in South Africa. Not a deliberate racist post....... No toilet paper/water/hygiene and therefore had a distinctive 'sh1tty' smell different to the squaddie pong we know so well.
  7. Isn't it strange how a few words can trigger a flashback?

    The Jambo House, Nanyuki Kenya, circa '89. Two whores about to use Tusker bottles on each other. Both whip off their "apple gatherers" at the same time. Cue a small, airless, extremely humid room immediately filled with the fetid stench of meaty, hot poo.

  8. first ranges with an SLR
  9. That funny, bell-like tone of an SLR's working parts 'singing' after recoil. And the smell.

    Mass fights in training - northerners playing 'miners', southerners playing 'coppers' (guess which year that was!)

    Buglers playing 'High on a Hill' across the parade square at Peninsular Barracks - my hair still stands on end thinking about it.

    Stepping off the coach in civvis on my first R&R from NI, and immediately walking into the middle of the main road and stopping the traffic so I could cross! (Que lots of weird stares off civpop!).

    Being ops room runner when we took our first hit in NI, sprinting off to wake the Major while the CSM monitored the net and got the brews on (RIP DM).

    Mates. Lot's off. B'stards one and all :)

    Sitting down for a brew in Kenya and having a troop of squirrel monkeys patrol past overhead.

    Watching a Hind D patrolling the GDR border through Rarden sights.

    Going on terminal leave, chucking my MOD 90 overboard on the HvH-Harwich ferry and saying 'Thank fk that's over - no more army for me!'

    Joining the TA six weeks later!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The smell of nitro cellulose poowder perhaps, I didnt smell cordite until many years later, avtur in Kellys Garden and the wet smell of mouldy squaddies and their kit!
    Sangar heater smeg in Belfast and a 1000 other sitholes!
  11. 13th man, Roger Lamb wrote " friendship forged in battle are only terminated by death" and since bying a computer and getting back in touch with old mates I have found how true that is . It has brought back memories I wish to forget, and revived some of the best and happiest moments in my life, only another squaddy would understand. cos civvys just don't get it
  12. Smell of damp 58 pattern webbing...and the socks you'd forgotten and left in the kitbag...

    Tinned steak and kidney pudding in the rations...

    :D :D :D

  13. ALL of the above plus..

    Bruised shoulder from a day on the ranges with my SLR but number 72
    The sound of drill boots on asphalt.
    The feel of someones turd in your combat high..
    Sh1tting in someones combat high..
    Beds with shitty springs.
    Beds with springs removed.
    Builling the floors in the guardroom.
    The smell of the stores where the scrim and cam netting was kept.
    Fry ups
    face stuck to a green plastic matress
    range stew
    the smell of the guy in front sh1tting his asbach sausage egg and beans in your face on a run.
    hexy blocks
    sand in the magot
    Hot brass down your shirt
    cheese posessed
    Stink of sh1t in the siteguard sangers.
    Sh1tting in a siteguard sanger.
    Asbach uralt
    Block parties
    some loud nasty crappy hot places I will never see again.
    The banter
    The mates
    losing one
    Brandy sours.

    blah blah..
  14. Ha! Diving for cover at the back of the ranges at Sandhurst shortly after our Foriegn Student from Sierra Leone threw a box full of 7.62 rounds in the rubbish brazier!
  15. Another culltural masterpiece