What starts with 'come here', and ends with 'OW'?


While I was searching for fit chavs, I came across this - not sure how, but I thought I'd share it. zimbabwe-demotivational-poster-1214320158.jpg
The guy in the blue shirt is a security guard at the new Anne Summers.The other guy was trying to shoplift "The All new and authentic One Metre Black Mamba" dildo.The guard was heard saying "Get back here and I'll let you try it"
Well, when he was getting dressed that morning, I bet he had no idea he'd be clubbed round the melon with what appears to be a tool designed to really fucking hurt, without causing lasting damage.
He's definitely not come dressed to be inconspicuous, or for that matter, to make a quick get away.

The rozzer looks like a dedicated chap though, cleaving all in his path, putting a lot of effort into that swing too, he's got the whole biting the lip screwing up the face in effort thing going on.

If only I had the words to make the noise of a rubber truncheon mashing into a black dudes loaf really hard. Ka-fucking-pow just doesn't convey the pain in enough magnitude......
Typical. You're out in the street having a dance because you are feeling happy, you spot a fit bird that may want to join you and you are contemplating asking her to, when out of the blue, everything fades to black.

At least no one will notice the two black eyes and fat lip.
IF that connects I think the guy with the snappy shirt is going to have a world beating cauliflower ear tomorrow.
Outrageous, Goatie!

I am not supposed to find that funny.

Pfffftttt :)

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