What Standards Do We Expect From Government Ministers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maxi_77, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. I'll give a few starters

    To claim expenses within the spirit of the regulations and not manipulate the rules to maximise their income (Ministerial pay shopuld be adequate)

    To ensure that their family finances are conducted in a proper manner free from suspicion of improper earnings deals etc etc.

    To ensure that those acting on their behalf ie political fund raisers, election agents/helpers act not just within the letter of the law but openly and within the spirit of the law

    To ensure that all statements made are both factual and truthfull.
  2. Hmmmm - maybe rewording the thread to read - What Standards should we be xpecting Government Minister to live up to.

    What I expect from current Ministers is ambiguity, downright lying, taking as much money from whatever source, clamping down on the truth and in general having standards that would leave a mugger embarrassed!
  3. Very low ones
  4. Lower than the nipples on a pregnant dachshund?
  5. Taking RMs first point - expectations to live up to.

    I expect all MPs to follow the rules - if the rules aren't working then they should be changed.

    Therefore, with expenses, the rules should be changed. All expenses receipted and audited.
  6. Pettines, political correctness, obstruction, evasion, oppression, dishonesty, duplicity, hypocricy, double-standards, devil worship and depravity
  7. Must be nice, living in Utopia.

    Who decides that the rules are not working?

    Who gets to change the rules?
  8. Is that one of hose "Shortest book in the World " jokes ??
  9. Certainly not MPs. Take the present expenses controversy - who is looking into it?
  10. A return to the convention of Ministerial Responsibility would be good: collective and individual. I.e. if a minister isn't comfortable with the policies or standards of the government they keep schtum or resign and challenge the government from the back-benches or if a department screws up, the minister accepts responsibility and resigns.

    As this government has not time for conventions though, as seen by their wanton trashing of the convention parts of our constitution, it'll be a cold day in Hell before they live up to the old values and standards. :x
  11. So we'll see turkeys voting for Christmas this year?
  12. Having seen a good friend of mine suspended for two years (without pay) as a civil servant for over claiming £4.50 (the charge was later dropped and back pay given) and myself having to receipt every last shekel I claimed and then I watch these professional politicians steal and thieve from the public it makes me sick ..........anyone wishing to be a politician should be automatically barred from becoming one.....bring back the robber barons at least we knew where we stood
  13. Lower than a snakes belly with a top hat on
  14. I woud suggest that your expect should read 'get' it is here now today and yesterday.

    I expect a hell of a lot better, just I don't get what I expect.