What stab vest

I seriously giving consideration to buying a stab vest for my work, requirements:
Covert would be better as to wear under work polo shirts
more stab/slash than ballistic but wouldn't rule out the ballistic protection
flexable, cos i have to climb in and out of a vehicle regularly

Are the surplus police ones currently on the market any good, or what would you guys suggest?



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Mehler do a decent covert stab/ballistic vest (up to 9mm I can't remember the exact designation). It's light and covers what you need. Google the site is easy to find.
Edited to add that if you buy a surplus Mehler Police vest you can buy White covert covers for them. It's not bad as a lash up but they arnt as contoured as the true covert vests.
Always go for the best you can get. Brand new is a must. Older second hand may degrade.
There are guys on here that specialise in these areas. Give em a PM.


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nothing to degrade really as they arent exposed to UV which is the usual culprit. most stab vests do have a minor ballistic protection but not much.

some of the lined casual jacket type stuff is pretty good now but it depends on the threat as to what you go for. from what I've seen and worn in the past they arent designed by people who understand that an assailant probably wont keep stabbing your torso like he is on a demonstration if he has any sense about him.
Vests are getting lighter so a used or older one is likely to be bulkier than a new one. If the outer case to the kevlar is still sealed it should not degrade.
I have worn various types of body armour over the years and the "covert" stuff is still easy to spot under light clothing.
Most ballistic armour will stop most knives but nothing is knife or bullet proof.
What role do you need this for, it makes a difference when choosing. Make sure you get what you need.


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sounds like securivan type ops
As no ones mentioned it yet are you self employed or employed by someone?

If you're UK based for example then use the H&S against them and get them to cough up for a vest as clearly there is a risk to your health :)
Decide on if you want stab or ballistic protection, and get one or the other, weight would be increased by a few kilios should you need both. Avoid second hand vests.

You could try Stab Vests - Protect Yourself they sell PPSS vests which are some of the best around.



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The stab vest I had as a plod was made in Germany, they were considered to be the best - sorry can't remember the name of the company. If you NEED it for work your employer should fork out (or at least chip in if they are tight) according to the health and safety regs.

If you have never seen body armour used to stop bullets watch this film: Richard Davis was the owner and founder of Second Chance body armour and was one of the biggest proponents of kevlar for ballistic protection - he got that frustrated trying to sell the product he resorted to shooting himself whilst wearing the armour at sales demos as a result of showing his confidence in the product he sold thousands of vests to police officers and the military

body armor - YouTube


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dragon skin is more ally and takes multiple hits.

good job he didnt try to shoot himself with an sa80, repeated headshots are nasty

I see your you tube and raise you r.lee.ermey Mail Call - Dragon Skin® Body Armor - YouTube
Ah, the Gunny.

The thing is Dicky Davis was schleping around trying to convince people that kevlar worked way back when and nowadays most vests are built of the back of research he did in his shed.

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