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What sort of personality?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RV129, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi new to the forum with a question about what sort of people fit in with the infantry. Always imagined myself at the front end of what the army does and enjoy my phys side of things so always been drawn to the infantry. But i dont know if im the typical squady sort. Not introverted but not exactly extroverted either, enjoy banter and typical things lads enjoy but im not 'really' laddish.

    I know quite a few former serving and current serving in various capacities, including a couple of ex inf/para and they seem to have a screw loose somewhere. Some of the stories made me question whether im really the sort that would fit in. For example 'freckles' doesnt sound like my idea of a fun night out. Should say ive never really had trouble fitting in school, work etc, worked on building sites and such (with what that brings), always enjoyed that sort of environment and always managed to fit in to such teams but infantry does seem like something else from what im told.

    Hope this question doesnt sound gay, tried phrasing it the best i could but would just like to know if there are people like myself and not the psychos i have come across.
  2. What a bizarre, look at me and my first post question.
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