What sort of person in an OPMI?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Goony, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from ADSC yesterday and got a pass! Happy fcukin days.
    Anyway I'm hoping to join the Int Corp and have the familiarisation visit coming up. I was just wondering what sort of person does Int accept? I've heard it can be hit and miss. My careers adviser mentioned simple and private people. Any input much appreciated.
  2. All the ones Ive met are little shites
  3. 1. Check the sticky at the top of the forum.

    2. Its CORPS not Corp.

    3. Don't fart till your arrse is ready!

  4. I dont use the sticky because its difficult to find the right information. Ok then i missed an S, fcukin sue me. Advice is welcome, but its dicks like you that stop newcomers joining the forum.
  5. There you go passed already you little dick!!
  6. Whoa feller! Calm your ******* rockets down! It's dicks like me who will stop you making a CNUT of yourself, before you even get in the FCUKING door. Do me a favour? Reconsider your last statement and then get back to me. Otherwise go join the Pioneers.
  7. You try to help some people and its like pyssing in the wind
  8. Perhaps the little boy is upset...........
  9. He's FCUKING upset ME!!!!!!
  10. Ok apologies DG I appreciate the help and advice. Just everytime a new guy post on the forum someone seems to have a a dig at them. Bilbos comment got me a big worked up there. Again sorry DG any new help is welcome.
  11. Goony, you got to be able to take the banter ;-)
  12. Because its usually with a question that has been asked a thousand times before and the poster has not checked the Int Corps forum or the search function. The Int Corps recriuting and familiarisation thread is quite exstensive and a little time spent reading it will certianly help. its also quite entertaining in places!

    However in answer to your question an OPMI should be able to:

    Work unsupervised.

    Be mature enought to hold the rank you will get very early in your career.

    Have an enquiring mind.

    Have the balls to stand up for your assessments and interact with senior officers on a regular basis, which you will get plenty of opportunity to.

    More will be expected of you at Phase 1.

    Im sure there are many more points the more experianced Corps personnel on the site will be able to add.
  13. Oh really, since when? I was a complete mong in Phase 1 training and looking back it amazes me how I completed it. There are some very senior people in the Corps that are complete biffs when it comes to their soldiering skills and it hasn't done them any harm.
  14. Erm... because our DS at ATR repeatedly told us so. They meant in terms of reliability, setting an example and showing leadership potential, not being really good at green stuff.

    They knew we would be getting promoted after phase 2 and though they didnt treat us any differently they made it clear the sort of things they wanted to see from potential NCO's. I didnt mean they expected us to be SAS material! I should have worded the above a little better.

    And Im not trying to cast aspersions on any of my Int Corps bretheren.
  15. Remember that when most of us did basic we did it at Depot and it was a purely Int Corps thing once the guys and girls started going off to ATRs to do Phase 1 then they were seen by DS as needing to be slightly better as Old Gregg stated.