What sort of Officer do you like/would you like?

I don't quite know if this should be in the general section, or the officer-specific section, but I'll post it here as it is intended just as a general bit of chat.

The question is more of 'what sort of officers and leadership styles do you prefer' than what skills are needed, as that's a bit of a stupid question
I guess no one has any idea.

I guess that is not material (though it should be), but as I was told, "You can't change the organisation, you can't change the weapons, you can't change what you have senior or juniors, and so make the best of what you have!''

That's the reality!

Books and the ideal are for academic harangue!
It is what has just been fondled that is making them both smile. :)

I agree though, a complete breakdown in self discipline.
When I was in, I tempered harshness with severity. If it wasn't against QR's, I'd have brought back the lash.

On Wednesday nights in the mess anyway.

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