What sort of name is Klay?


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It's quite a soft name. Granted there's potential to turn out fairly solid in the right environment, but you'd still expect him to crack under a bit of pressure.

Just like his dad.
A Swivel Eyed Loon's one.


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I know of a KHLAYRE...................
As a man who plays a lot of computer games, I'd like to point out that that is a cracking name for a demon.


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On my Great Grandmas death bed she asked my Granda to call her first son Tom. She had a terrible job doing this as the registrar or priest was insistent she called him Thomas. Standards really have slipped when you can call a child hash tag.
In answer to the OP:

A shit name which two halfwits thought up

(thought being a metaphor for throwing a scrabble box in the air and picking the fist 4 letters blindfolded then asking a friend to read them out).
For those who didn't realise, his first sprog is called Kai.

His third will be something like "Kasper" so he can complete the KKK.
As already pointed out:

Clay short for Clayton in the practice of using family as given names.

Then add a touch of CHAV.

equals Klay
Would have been even worse if his surname had been PIT

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