What sort of Iron to bring to basic training?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by weaven, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. I start basic training on the 3rd august, but dont no what sort of iron will be better for me.
    whats better, a normal iron or one of those steam generator ones with the big box for the water storage on the bottom of it?
    thanks alot.
  2. A branding Iron.

    All new recruits are branded across their buttocks with the words:

    'Property of MOD' and their 8 figure service number.

    If you complete basic your capbadge will be branded on your arm.
  3. A nine iron.

    Ask your training Sgt's if they fancy a few rounds at the weekend.
  4. Does the army just recruit a bunch of fresh faced farm girls with a virgins glow?

    You'll want to bring the best bloody iron you can afford. Ones that steam and squirt water are a must. Trying to iron your kit with a travel iron is not adviseable.
  5. Definately a soldering iron....always useful
  6. What do men, mummies boys and most civvies know about irons anyway? So the question is not that bone really.

    Here's my advice I gave to another poster last year:

    Go for:

    Mirror Polished Stainless Steel baseplate

    Lots of steam holes in base plate

    high wattage

    Highest steam shot, (measured in grammes)

    All of the above features are must IMO.


    Cordless, they are slow and no good for stubborn creases or thick materials

    Ceramic, non-stick or aluminium baseplates : They get dirty and require special cleaning materials. Stainless steel can be cleaned easily with just a bit of wire wool or a pan scourer (usually supplied with the irons)

    BOSCH do a good range of irons. I've got one which has a spotlight on the front so you can see very well what you are ironing, or if you want to iron in the dark! It works hard ironing my uniform shirts for work and ACF nearly every day and is easy and quick to use

    Look out for the odd bargain. I got my £75 Bosch model on special offer for £40, and got a free cordless kettle too, from Comet. Argos wanted the full price for the same model!
  7. a hot one is always a bonus.

    no seriously i wouldnt bother with the steam generator ones as no doubt every one borows every one elses irons and boards and the last thing you want is to have yours broke cos of over use,
    just pick up a cheap and cheerful asda special and it will do you fine
  8. Fcuk lad, use your own bloody common sense! Have some confidence to trust your own judgement, even if it just over an iron... how you expected a serious answer on here and not a lot of banter is beyond me.
  9. Must.....resist....comedy co-ck-er-knee rhyming slang jokes about "Irons"....thought police monitoring....must resist....proffesional offence takers just waiting to pounce.... all dressed impeccably.....listening to hits from the musicals....

    jesus this is hard work.
  10. No firm recommendations, but most certainly not the type used by the Mansfield schoolmaster!
  11. I'd take a tyre iron. You never know when you'll get a flat tyre when driving your rover about camp.