What 'Soft-Roader'?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Penelle, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. I'm after replacing my car. I drive a Galaxy at the moment, but I am feeling the need for a second hand 4x4. Not for real off-roading or Green-laning or anything like that, but maybe a wet field, dealing with snow in Central Scotland, that sort of thing. It also has to be an everyday car, so I want some comfort - so no Ex-Army Defenders. I've spent enough time in them and my back can't take it! My requirements are:

    Automatic - The Army has broken my body and arthritic hips and shoulders are getting too much for trogging up and down gears.

    Cruise Control - Because I'm lazy.

    Big and powerful enough to tow a caravan or a trailer full of rubble (I'm doing up my house).

    Plenty of space for 2 medium sized dogs - but not kids!

    As easy on (Diesel) fuel and insurance as possible - I know I won't get the economy of a normal car, but as best as I can.

    Price - up to £15,000ish.

    I've looked at things like the Honda CRV, or Toyota Rav4.
  2. The wife and I have a Nissan X Trail, very good on diesel, comfortable, post 2004 the models are all good spec, with heated seats and sat nav etc, it tows a double horse trailer no problem. Apart from looking a bit like a Tonka toy, its a good all rounder, which I hope fits your requirements.

    Good hunting, and be aware of the 'car sales walts'. When we were looking for our car, we found an example that was a couple hundred quid lower than everyone else, guy claimed to be Forces after a quick sale, but its dog toffee.. Search for the above on arrse and you will see the thread I put up here.

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  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the kia thing is good value for money and well specced. I know a couple with them including me mum.
  4. I'm with Shifty. My 55 plate XTrail T Spec is ace. Electric everything, cruise control, 6 speed 2.2l turbo diesel. Goes like a dream with 96000 miles on the clock. In the 60000 of those we've put on her, she's only had fluids, tyres, brake pads and 1 set of discs. Comfortable on long hauls, no sweat in the ice and snow that sends the UK mental and carries loads of stuff. The satnav DVD is expensive to replace from Nissan but I got a copy of the latest one from eBay for a tenner.

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  5. Had a Ford Kuga for a week as a courtesy car and that was quite handy but the Nissan options are meant to be rather good. Fella down the road has a Hyundai Santa Fe which he raves about.

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  6. IIRC My sister managed to acquire a 2nd hand Disco3 (I think) for your budget from the Carlise dealership, she owns horses and insists it's the Business ( previous 4x4's were Vauxhall Frontera & a Trooper of which was coming to the end of its life right enough)

    I've driven plenty of Disco's over the years including hers & if you can find one within your budget then highly recommend it.
  7. Discovery road tax is silly. Kia might be worth a go my eldest brother is on his second.
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  8. Not a soft roader, but I've just got a 2.7 twin turbo audi allroad A6 4x4

    covers all your requirements and enough vaa vaa voom to make your balls tingle and scare boy racers at the lights. Looks like it moves like old people **** :)

    cheap as well....I''m wondering when its gonna blow up and become economically unfeasable to fix (seems fine so far)
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  9. With an LPG conversion overall running costs will be reduced, although another option:

    Suzuki Fourtrack.
  10. My choice would be a cheap Hilux for the rough shite, reliable, chuck what you want in it, dent it scrape it, don't give a toss. And a nice car for everything else.

    Or an Audi A6 All road
  11. Plenty of TDV6 Range Rovers around in your price range. Road tax is he ame as a Hyundai Santa Fe 2ltr. Why drive Korean shit when you can have a Rangie?
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  12. Or a Skoda Octavia with the all road package (scout is the name I think), same platform as the Audi A4.
  13. I was offered an Audi Q7 within my budget the other day. Thank goodness I said I'd check the reviews online first. It looks good, the spec is good, but apparently the running costs are astronomical, and the thing is HUGE!
  14. As per Flash's comment - Skoda Octavia 4x4. Go on Drive the Deal and you'll get a a new one for a couple of grand more than your 15k. Absolutely bullet proof, cavernous boot, economical and plenty of torque in the 2l diesel for pulling your caravan.
  15. Wouldn't that be the same as a discovery road tax 'bout £500 a year?