What sodding planet do these guys live on....

By Paul Ainsworth, Chef and patron of Paul Ainsworth at Number 6

We eat so much rich food during Christmas but this risotto is an ideal way of using up the leftover veg from Christmas lunch in a simple, comforting way.


• 1kg carnoroli risotto rice

• 250g butter

• 4 litre vegetable stock

• 1 large white onion

• 3 cloves of garlic

• 3 sprigs thyme

• 500g parmesan

• 1 tablespoon mascarpone

• 1 small cabbage

• 2 carrots

• 25g freshly chopped tarragon

• 4 duck eggs

• 1 packet of panko breadcrumbs

• 100ml white wine vinegar

• 50g flour

• 2 eggs for pane


• dice the onion fine and microplane the garlic, then pick the thyme

• sweat the above in butter gently without adding colour to the onions

• when the onions are soft, add in the rice and then stir the rice until all grains are coated in the butter

• Slowly add the vegetable stock which has been pre warmed in a pan. This stock must be added a little at a time, do not drown the rice in stock

• as the rice is cooking it will absorb the stock when it needs more add a little until the rice is tender (al dente) this will take about 10 minutes

• when the rice is ready place on a tray to cool down, this is the base which will be finished in the pan again when you are ready

• cut the cabbage and carrots into strips

• then add the carrots first and sweat the carrots until they soften

• then add cabbage and a spoon full of vegetable stock and steam until soft

• then season

• boil water in a separate pan then add white wine vinegar

• then poach the four eggs 2 1/2 minutes and lifting with a spoon so you know they are set and cooked

• then put the eggs into ice to stop the cooking process

• then drain and pat dry and pane in flour then egg then bread crumb

• to finish the risotto take the rice base from earlier and heat in a pan with a little stock and a knob of butter, then cook out the liquid

• then add mascarpone to melt over rice, then add parmesan to finish

• adjust the seasoning and add sherry vinegar to taste

• add in the carrots and cabbage

• to finish the eggs fry in vegetable oil at 180˚ until golden and crisp

• then place on top of your risotto

• finish with parmesan shavings and a little olive oil

Paul Ainsworth is Chef / Patron of Paul Ainsworth at Number 6 restaurant, Padstow, Cornwall

Christ, the amount of fat and cholesterol in that..... we went out today for something light and healthy... fish' n chips, with mushy peas for roughage.


Common stuff among the gorgeous bourgies, where have you been living? Why any self respecting Sleb Chef wouldn't dream of not using Carnoroli and Panko, and olive oil (virgin, naturally). Tempting the tastebuds of lardy afficianodos makes us the worldbeaters we are today. Now if you'd complained about the Goose Tiramisu with unadulterated butter and truffles, you might have a point.
Paellas and risottos are common-place in the Mediteranean. You can either do a made to ingredients one with a specific taste aimed for, or rather like a garbage pizza, what have we got left over that we can mix with rice?
Paella is better for the first, risotto for the second. For my left-over stuff I usually add tomato and depending on who will eat it, spices but mainly paprika, it just seems to go with rice very well.
After a small starter, a popular second course is something like a rissotto with a stock base, and a small amount of protein, as a filler before the main course, that lot could give 4 hippos a thrombo.
Sounds quite nice tbh....
Welll I'll be fucked, there I was on boxing day chundering my arse off with a fridge full of leftover: carnoroli risotto rice, butter, vegetable stock, onions, garlic, thyme, parmesan, mascarpone, cabbage, carrots, freshly chopped tarragon, duck eggs, panko breadcrumbs, white wine vinegar, flour and eggs. Like you have every ******* boxing day after the tradition turkey roast slaughter washed down with two bottles of Icelandic Merlot and malt whisky until the lights went out. What a coincidence! We must have the same tastes.
I don't see any left over veggies in that recipe, some extra duck eggs, marscapone, why? This looks like a nice idea, but after cooking up a roast beef dinner, the next day some cold ham for brekky, and a light supper. Bubble and squeak is designed for leftovers. With a bit of bacon.

Pretentious food for a day when it probably won't be enjoyed or wanted much.
Left over meat hash. Just need an old fashioned type meat grinder/mincer, some raw spuds onions and ketchup.
couple of australian superchefs tried the afore mentioned recipe, both were extremely bemused that when they poured the 4 litres of stock onto the barbecue
the fire went out!!
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