what sleeping bag?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ports3, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Off to the stan in march-sept and need info on what sleeping bag to take? i know its going to be redders in the day but been given diffrent info about the nights? i'm going to be moving around alot FOB -PB etc so space is an issue.
    1. bomb out the question!
    2. softy 9?
    3. issued jungle bag?
    4. poncho liner?
    5. or buy a civi one?
    any advice would great, thanks
  2. March to Sept? Softie 9, with a bivvy bag if it gets a little cold out of the summer months. You'll not need any more than that. Not really worth asking on ARRSE as there's only about 50 of us from the 50.000 members that has been! Civvy and walt forum. :)
  3. Issue desert doss bag with liner will be fine . Get hold of a yank poncho liner as well . Anything bigger is a waste of space .of course your bivvy bag as well
  4. Yep, I agree. The issue desert bag would suffice. In fact for over 90% of the tour you won't need anything except a poncho liner if that. March will be cold at night and you'll probably need a dossbag and Sept will also start getting cold enough to maybe warrant one.
  5. It's always handy having something warm and bulky in your MFO sat remfing it at Bastion the aircon gets chilli and you may get back there for a few nights. Any other requests / advice , just post away as fally has already stated a few of us on arrse have been there however lots claim to be in the know
  6. thanks for the info gents, not sure if i'll bother with a mfo box chances are i'll never see it. i can a was wear my Rab if it get chilly with the aircon on?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was going to suggest issued kit, lets face it you certainly seem to get so much kit and its years (obviously) ahead of the old DMS and feather (or no feather) gonk sacks of the 80's.
    I couldnt believe being given the sleeping system on ops in 88. We must have been either trialling it or just damn lucky. That was so much better than having to buy kit!
  8. Nothing wrong with the issued kit at all. just being with the right kit helps.
    "allyness can save lifes" those in know will know!
  9. That will be fine. For the odd really cold night, sleep in softie suit (issued) as well.