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What skills can I learn in the intelligence corps?

Nice regain after the previous 'issue'. What you'll gain, in any military corps, is a hard shell (else you won't survive). What an Int-orientated job, whether in the corps, or a similar job elsewhere, is a questioning, analysing, reasoning mindset, and the military will give you a good set of guidelines to follow as you do your analysis, which may or may not then be useful back in the real world when you try to set up an independent consultancy firm.
I once saw an Int Corps lance corporal walk into the Greenfly bar at HQNI in Lisburn with a massive worm dangling from his lips.

Once he gained everyone's attention he sucked it up like a bit of spaghetti and swallowed it.

I thought that was fairly impressive.
You would be a soldier. After that it would depend on how bright you are as to what you might be trained in and employed as.

Languages, analytics and drinking seemed to feature heavily with most that I worked with. Life skills though; that depends on how motivated, ambitious, risky, and willing to learn you are. I never knew any with Aston Martins, Omegas, or a wardrobe full of Tom Ford gear though.


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Mmmmm. Maybe try the Int Corps thread which is a bit further down on the forum list.

I’m sure there’ll be some people on there who can give you the benefit of what it was they learned thirty or forty years ago.

Although I would start from a position of what you can offer the Army rather than the other way round. But maybe that’s just me.


The Intelligence Corps exists to provide accurate and timely intelligence to support British Army operations. As with all trades in the British Army, it is important that their soldiers maintain their basic military skills. This is achieved in a number of ways, including military skills exercises, annual training assessments (MATTS) and military skills based physical training.

It is vital that their soldiers and officers maintain their skills, as a number of the roles involve directly supporting high readiness units such as 16 Air Assault Brigade and 3 Commando Brigade, as well as support to Infantry units.⁠ Keep an eye on their various official social media accounts. These are managed by Int Corps recruitment team and they run a monthly online presentation in which you can ask them any questions regarding recruitment you may have.
If you are serious about this there are plenty of resources online to research.
More here ;

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Brilliant PowerPoint skills, and the ability to back stab your colleagues at the level of the average civilian middle manager
What life skills could I learn in the intelligence corps and which of these skills could I use in civil life?

That’s an intelligent question, in all fairness like everyone’s saying Skills you learn regardless of Corps..will stand you in Good stead for life.

Or then again if you want to goto the dark side lol and use your skills for illegal gain and venture(like Head of Cartel security played by Joaquim Almeida in Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger, whose character was formerly Fidel Castro intelligence chief.


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