What sized canoe bags for issued bergen & daysack @ RMAS?

Somewhat obvious-yet-not-covered-by-search question, apologies all around.

Considering the exped ones, but the main bag threatens 140l - unless I plan to get in it as a bivvy bag, is this not ludicrous?

And what about the daysack?
That is the correct size - it is fairly big but still practical. Ortlieb do a bergan liner set as well; the bags are sturdier than Exped however IMO they were just a fraction too small.


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Buy a pack of rubble bags from B&Q. Cheap as chips and works just as well.
120 litre for main pack
No it's not luckily.
It that arrse yours ?
Don't waste money on buying them. The issue ones are pretty good, and probably more robust than you will be able to buy in a shop. You can get through pretty much everything thrown at you with the issue kit, and I will be very surprised if you will be able to use not issue kit over stuff you've been issued.

Smaller bags, yeah they are good, but don't buy hundreds, just get a few middle sized ones, that you could fit a bit of warm kit in then roll up. Other than that go to tescos and buy sandwich bags for your socks and that.

All in all, good luck, its not as bad as you think. Be a good bloke, finish your admin first, go to bed last :).

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